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TripAdvisor’s global food delivery expansion pressures hotels to adapt

TripAdvisor has become an essential tool for travellers when they’re planning a trip away, covering everything from hotels to excursions. As part of its plan to move beyond hotel revenue, TripAdvisor is expanding it’s offering, the latest of which connects hungry travellers with local food delivery options that can be taken right to their hotel room. The shift could be bad news for those hotels that don’t adapt.

Takeaways have always been a popular treat in the UK, but new market entrants and technology mean they’re more accessible than ever before when when staying in a hotel. No longer do diners have to trawl through listings and numerous menus to find a delivery services that’s close by – it can all be done with a few taps of their smartphone. The rise of takeaway sites, such as Just Eat, made it even easier for tourists to find the cuisine they’re looking for, with an integrated payment system for convenience.

Today, Deliveroo has become one of the biggest players in the market. The brand goes beyond the usual takeaway offerings to partner with restaurants to deliver high quality food right to users’ doorsteps.

TripAdvisor is the next step in the food delivery market.

The brand is already trusted and well-established with a loyal brand following. Building on this, TripAdvisor now boasts 20,000 restaurants and 30,000 delivery riders across 12 countries, with plans in the work to expand.

TripAdvisor’s global food delivery expansion pressures hotels to adapt

Why does the TripAdvisor expansion matter to hotels?

TripAdvisor moving into the food delivery market might seem like something that’s unrelated to hotels, but it does have the potential to have a big impact and is something that anyone devising hotel marketing solutions needs to consider.

As online food delivery services available have grown, bringing travellers more choice and convenience, more hotel guests are choosing to enjoy a takeaway in their room. It’s a trend that’s set to have a significant impact on hotels that have previously generated significant revenue from onsite restaurants and bars, or room service.

How can hotels address the challenges?

The good news is that while delivery services are having an impact, there are steps you can take to limit it and continue upselling.

• Reflect food choices – Understanding the kind of food your customers want to eat and why they’re choosing takeaway options can help you improve your offering to generate interest. Whether your guests are opting for healthy foods straight to their room or an indulgent curry, you can help meet their expectations.

• Offer authentic, local food – The wider trend of seeking local, authentic experiences is reflected in food too. If you offer a set menu across all your hotels or standard dishes you can find anywhere it might be time for a rethink. The food you provide can enhance the overall customer experience.

• Effectively market your options – Effective hotel marketing solutions don’t stop once a customer has booked. Your in-room collateral should engage and encourage travellers to either visit your restaurant for an evening meal or have breakfast delivered in the comfort of their room.

• Make it convenient to eat at your hotel – Choosing to eat at the hotel should be as convenient as possible, after all, ordering a takeaway through an app can be done in minutes. Whether it’s part of your integrated app solution or not, make sure it’s effortless and simple.

• Recognise the advantages – It might be tempting to ban takeaways being delivered to your rooms but that could have a negative impact. Recognise that it provides your guests with more choice and go the extra mile, such as providing cutlery, to boost the experience of staying at your hotel.