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Top Tools We Use To Help Make Your Social Media Schedule A Success

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There’s no getting away from the importance of hotel social media marketing but, that doesn’t mean it’s always easy to keep it updated, posts frequent and all channels moving along at the same pace.

As with any area of digital marketing, choosing the right tools to help manage a busy social media schedule can be make-or-break. With social media a critical aspect of any digital marketing campaign, the following tools are indispensable for staying on top of social activity, posting, commenting and community management. They can all help make the potentially confusing and time-zapping world of hotel social media marketing much more effective and straightforward.

Hotel Social Media

Read on to see our brief rundown of the top tools we recommend and use to help make your social media activity a profitable, and value-add service.

Acting as a sort of ‘social media assistant’, this handy tool will help you share exactly what you want on your social media channels, without bombarding followers with too much of a good thing.

With a focus on usability, Buffer allows users to add content they want to share to a queue, so they’re primed and ready for uploading later. Scheduling posts is simple and straightforward, meaning you’ll never run out of amazing content to share with the world. This is a great time saver and means your audience should never be left too long without seeing a post from your brand.

One of the better known social media management tools available, Hootsuite is for many the go-to platform for monitoring and social listening – giving users the chance to not only schedule posts on all of their platforms from the same place and across multiple brands, but also monitor what people are saying about their brand and respond in real time. Information is displayed in streams from each and every network you link up, making sure social media managers never miss a thing. The platform is particularly handy for instances where a team is working for the same client’s social media, as it provides easy access to co-managed social media tasks, remotely. There’s also extensive reporting options, alerts for retweets and shares and a Hootsuite University for training.

Social Oomph
Designed to provide a helpful bit of ‘oomph’ to your social media scheduling, Social Oomph is the darling of many internet marketing moguls. The app offers a wide variety of features including blog scheduling and social media scheduling, a comprehensive Twitter dashboard, and an informative analytics section with the option to download the data for reference or reporting.

On the face of it, Bitly is a link shortening platform – but it’s powers extend much further than that! Not only does shortening links help fit more copy into word-count squeezed areas (think Twitter’s character restrictions), but the site also allows companies to create custom domains for their link shortening, providing access to all-important marketing metrics, so you can chart the success of your posts. Bitly Enterprise also allows a social insight toolkit for brands and companies alike.

Want to make more of your own social media scheduling? Contact Digital Hotelier to find out how we can boost your social media effectiveness.