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Too Many Choices Might Spoil Your Hotel Booking Conversion.

With a boom in technology, media and the information sector, people today are presented with more choices than ever before. For every single need there are five options available to choose from. In an overexposed and over-informative scenario the competition faced by businesses has also increased. Business in their desperate need to gain customer attention are bombarding potential customers with super-customised and unlimited options. Businesses think they are steering ahead of their competition by making a friendly and helpful gesture of giving their customers many options to choose from. But they forget to analyse the confusion and the risk of giving too many options.

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This is an unresolved problem in the hotel industry. Too many pictures, packages, room categories, fares and other lucrative offers are seen all over social media and other promotional platforms. This might help boost your hotel business a little, but it is also taking away your exclusivity and novelty. Plus, it leaves your customers confused and frustrated. They are confused by the choices and are frustrated for being mentally pushed to change their needs into wants because of the options available.

Some tips to help you succeed:

Too many room categories: Stick to basic two or three types of rooms depending on the type of hotel you own. Limit the room type by combining room categories with a slight difference to avoid confusing and frustrating your customer.

  • Too much content: Provide your customer with all the necessary information in a very crisp and concise manner. Limit the number of pictures and content you share. This will help them take a decision faster and without any confusion.
  • Uncomplicated and de-cluttered web design: Make sure your booking section is very basic and easy-to-use by all types of customers. Keep the colour, design and graphics of your website very minimalist. Too many colours, pop-ups and imagery can again distract a potential customer.
  • Do regular testing and analysing: You need to engage a good tester or analyst to assess which sections need more choices and where you need to cut down. Striking the right balance between keeping some things basic and some sections customisable will benefit your business in the long run.
A few mends in the way you represent your hotel to your customers can help you attract more customers and also gain their loyalty. With too many choices you might delay or cancel a booking from a potential customer.