Digital Marketing

Tips for Hotel Marketing In 2019

If you are actively involved in hotel marketing for your hotel, you will be well aware of the many promises made by online marketers, which fail to deliver to expectations. There are plenty of gimmicks and sales techniques in use to improve sales and higher conversion rates. With content marketing, SEO, viral content etc. the buzzwords of hotel marketing, getting the right strategy to deliver the goods is still a challenge. While all of these mentioned techniques are important, these are not the sum total of hotel marketing.

While there is no definite formula in hotel marketing solutions to help hotel sales skyrocket, there are, however, three critical factors to take into account. These three basic but relevant factors are what can make your marketing more effective in 2019.

  • Be well informed about your guests
  • Strive to be original
  • Ensure content and information stays relevant.

Stay well updated with your guests:

When you have recurring guests you need to be well updated about their needs and preferences. The most effective way to know their specific needs is to actively engage with them. For this social media and digital technology offer the ideal tools. The more you interact with them online with a personal touch, the better a personal rapport will develop. This will make it easier to know their preferences and likes.

Be original in content:

The greater the interaction with the guest, the easier it will be to build content that is authentic and original. Long gone are the days when celebrity endorsements influenced consumer behaviour. The millennial generation does not give much importance as to what brands a celebrity endorses. They prefer personal experience and quality of services over all else. If they are not satisfied during their first stay or use of a product they switch brands. The emphasis is no to establish a personal connection with a brand. Consequently, hotel marketing strategies have to reflect an authentic and original feel that exudes empathy, excellence and perception of the guest.

All marketing content must be relevant:

When planning a marketing campaign it should provide information that is of use to the guest. This involves conducting research as to what the concerns and desires of the guests are. The areas where they feel services can be improved and those where they rate the hotel property highly. Instead of offering generic information that is passé, the need is now to focus on offering bespoke services to each of the hotel guests. Now guests at a hotel want to get personalised services with a sense of belonging. While this area can be the most challenging to adapt successfully in a marketing strategy and cater to, once you have the knack it will pay rich dividends in the long term.

The bottom line is in a dynamic technologically driven world guests are now better informed and constantly evaluate the products and services they pay for. As a result, they opt for those products and brands that stay relevant and serve their needs. As with any other business to stay competitive hotel marketing campaigns need to constantly evolve as per the customer and market needs.