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Tip-day: The Right ad for the Right Customer to Boost Bookings.

Tricks and tactics to increase your hotel business keep evolving everyday. Technology today has definitely made it easier for hoteliers to reach their customers wherever they are with all the necessary information, but this has also increased the competition within the hotel industry. New, ground breaking and creative techniques are being used everyday to attract potential customers. Brands are going big on the inclusive communication strategy, where they communicate collectively with all kinds of audiences. It is now easier, faster and more impactful to promote your brand on hotel social media marketing and through email marketing. But in this race to reach all, hotels often lose on giving their direct visitors a personal touch and catering to their specific needs.
Not all customers are looking for the same thing at the same time. Some might be interested in your holiday package, some might want to book your rooms and conference hall for an event or some might be looking at you as wedding venue. Trying to gaze and cater to their individual needs will increase your direct bookings.

Online Booking
With the simple technique of retargeting ads, you can succeed in getting more direct bookings and making a strong impact on your audience. Retargeting also known as remarketing, is an effective form of online advertising that helps you keep your hotel brand in front of bounced traffic after they visit your website. This tool is designed to help hotels instantly increase their customer conversion rate.
Here’s how it reaps maximum ROI for your hotel business:
  • It analyses and uses behavioural targeting, that delivers ads that are customised by the visitor’s actual behaviour on your website.

  • It utilises your advertising and marketing expenses to create an ad tailored to the customer’s exact want/search. This practice gives your customer exactly want they want, saves you from wasting money on mass communication and boosts the number of bookings at your hotel.

  • Digital retargeting of ads is a smart tool that recaptures abandoned bookings, impactfully turns them into conversions and carefully looks after the individual need of every interested customer.
Today, reaching your potential customers with a personalised touch will surely impress and impact them to make booking with your hotel. This will also boost your customer loyalty and in the long run will improve the health of your business. With retargeting ads you can achieve a higher ROI and make your hotel stand out from the rest.