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Is It Time to Incorporate Programmatic GDN into Your Marketing Activity?

Programmatic media buying is the latest development in the digital advertising world, allowing for an automated new way of inserting digital ads. Relying on automation rather than manual ad insertions allows for greater, faster targeting methods to develop – speeding up customer contact with the relevant ads and improving your hotel’s conversion rates.

Always at the forefront of online marketing solutions, Google Display Network (GDN) represents one of the biggest facilitators of display ads. However, there are a few key differences between traditional GDN and programmatic. Should your hotel be incorporating this new tech into your marketing activity?

Understanding Google Display Network

Google’s AdWords display network creates and displays online adverts across a wide variety of websites, the nature of which advertisers can determine through their choice of keywords and topics. Campaigns can be optimised to suit a variety of different key performance indicators, allowing precise targeting options suited to the needs of each campaign. For the hospitality sector, it means you’re better able to segment your market and ensure that each campaign reaches a potential lead that your marketing materials could convert.

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How does Programmatic differ from Display Advertising?

Programmatic advertising relies upon a vast network with hyper-advanced targeting which goes beyond audience, market and device and delves deeper into its third-party data to produce powerful and holistic marketing campaigns.

With advanced targeting based on behaviour, programmatic also allows for even greater layers of targeting based upon a user’s online behaviour and formed through their online presence. Conventional GDN provides elements of this kind of targeting, but the breadth and depth of scope is significantly less complex than with programmatic software.

As a result, programmatic advertising allows you to deliver superior results if your content is tailored to the market segment you’re targeting. It makes it an attractive investment for hotels looking to boost their online marketing solutions and the outcomes they deliver.

Programmatic Weaknesses

However, there are still a few issues with programmatic advertising, which users of Google’s Display Network will not encounter – or at least not encounter to the same degree.

Fraud is an acknowledged risk, including non-human traffic accounting for false submissions and data, leading to skewed results. An awareness of these risks can help to minimize their impact on your advertising campaigns, though advertisers are still encouraged to exercise caution when implementing a programmatic system.

Should you be using Programmatic?

Whatever the size and scope of your hotel business, you could almost certainly benefit from dipping your toe in the water with programmatic GDN.

This exciting new development in the world of online marketing has much to offer ambitious hoteliers eager to upgrade their existing marketing strategy to incorporate the very latest tech – and experts in hotel marketing will be able to assist you in rolling out a strategy which incorporates programmatic advertising methods for assured success.

With the right approach, programmatic GDN can help you build brand awareness and convert potential customers into paying guests.