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Responsive Web Design

In a competitive world of marketing and technology that is evolving every day, your desktop is not limited to a computer. The desktop is now on iPads, tablets, smart phones and palmtops. To advance your hospitality business, it is now essential to target your customer not only at home but outside too, not only on their computer but on all their smart devices too. 
The process of individually recreating your webpage or hotel websites design on every device can be expensive and hard to maintain. But with responsive web design you can easily conquer this situation. Here’s how:

Responsive Webdesign
What is RWD?
RWD is a unique technique that creates website by using CSS3 media queries. Using a single URL and HTML code it simplifies the process of recreating your webpage across all devices regardless of their screen size and type. This helps your customer enjoy a uniform user experience on any device. 
How it benefits your business?
With mobile traffic accounting for more than half of total internet traffic, RWD is an easy and ideal solution to make your website mobile and smart device friendly. It adjusts your website to different screen sizes and devices providing superior user experience to your customers at all times.
How it works?
RWD dynamically realigns the layout, changes the font and image size on different devices making it easy for your customers to search and browse your website on any device.
RWD is a one-stop-solution to eliminate the traditional, costly and time-consuming process of recreating websites. It is easy to maintain and solves issues in one go with the single HTML code technique. This single code is all you need to update and automatically reflect edits and new uploads across all devices.
Google says it’s good.
Google announced Mobilegeddon  to increase the ratings of mobile friendly sites and therefore highly recommends RWD. The following reasons make it Google friendly too:
  • It helps Googlebot to crawl the website, index and organise the content that is new and available online.
  • A single HTML code and URL makes it easy for Google to locate your business online.
  • All you need is a single SEO campaign to bring up your business in an online search.
RWD is therefore proven to be an efficient tool for the health of your business online. It helps you stay ahead in competition by delivering an enriching experience to your end users on any device and generate more traffic for your website.