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How To Reshare Guest Content On Instagram

Instagram’s image-focused, uncluttered interface is designed to display beautiful photography and video content clearly, but this clean, minimalist display isn’t without its failings. The primary flaw of this image-first vision is that Instagram makes it notoriously difficult to re-post content from other users. Yet Instagram is an increasingly important component of every hotel social media strategy, and with the emerging trend of chatbots on social media, this looks set only to grow.

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Why can’t you re-post on Instagram?
The reasoning behind the re-post problem is generally accepted as being both an aesthetic choice for Instagram and an attempt at maintaining the copyright of posts and users. As a platform so popular with designers, artists and photographers, it’s not surprising that this should be key among Instagram’s concerns. But there are ways around it for brands seeking to ‘share the love’ by distributing another users’ content. So how do you get around the pesky problem of sharing a post you didn’t create without treading on anyone’s toes?

Read on for a few (free) methods for easy, ethical re-sharing on Instagram…

Capture and Repost
This is a profoundly ‘DIY’ method, but it’s an effective one nonetheless.
  1. Open Instagram on your device, and find the image you want to repost.
  2. You will now need to take a screenshot of it; on mobile Apple devices this generally involves holding the power and home buttons down simultaneously.
  3. After you have cropped and adjusted the image, you can repost it to your own Instagram account.
  4. Remember to give credit where it is due by telling your followers where you found the original image.
Whether you’re tagging the original photographer, adding their username into your caption, or thanking them directly within your post – it’s important not to share their content without crediting them for it.

Re-Post Through a Dedicated App
Resourceful app developers have created targeted solutions to the re-posting problem. These apps also help to automatically credit the person with original rights to the image, which will keep your profile from being flagged for user violations.

Repost for Instagram
Available for iOS or Android devices, Repost makes sharing other users content quick and easy.
  1. To repost, simply open up Instagram, find the shareable photo or video and tap the ‘…’ section in the corner of the post.
  2. The next step is to select ‘Copy Share URL’ from the menu.
  3. After you’ve done this, open the Repost for Instagram app. Your copied posts should automatically appear on the homepage.
  4. To proceed with re-posting, click on the right-hand side of the post and edit the image.
  5. Click Repost, followed by ‘Copy to Instagram’ to add any filters and additional edits prior to posting.
  6. You can then decide whether to include the caption from the original post, or create your own.
The Repost for Instagram app will automatically credit the owner of the source material. Easy!

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