Hotel Revenue Management

Reasons to Choose A Customised PMS For Your Hotel

Having a property management system is a must for hotels and these assist the hotel staff in different hotels operations. The problem with selecting a generic PMS is that they do not always offer solutions for specific issues that the hotel might have.

The solution is to opt for a customized property management system that includes revenue management software.

Some of the benefits of choosing customized PMS are:

Improved service levels:

If you want to stay competitive the levels of customer service have to be of a very high order. As a hotel owner, you have to ensure that guests get only the best customer service from the staff. The higher the levels of customer service the better the hotel reviews and recommendations. A PMs makes it easier to perform day to day tasks much faster. E.g. check-in of the hotel guests and room status updates etc. As billing and booking is an essential part of PMS it also offers the use of online tools for guests. Having a PMS system removes the need to perform repetitive tasks that take time.

Better communication between staff:

As most services are carried on by staff they need to have a clear line of communication and the latest updates. That is where PMs is of immense use and ensures everyone is on the same page. As all of the information is stored in one common system, it becomes easier for staff to work. Another option is to have a messenger service linked to the PMS so no messages are missed by staff. To make things having a customised mobile app linked to the PMS will ensure all staff members receive notifications. This ensures that all the staff are updated and leads to better customer service.

Managing third-party channels:

Since most hotels use third-party channels to maximise bookings like OTAs, it can become a challenge to manage multiple channels and have them updated in real time. This task can be made easy by having all third-party channels integrated into the hotel PMS. Since all bookings are managed at a single place in the PMS the problem of overbooking does not arise.

Effective data management:

The purpose of all those in the hotel business is to constantly improve their business’ performance. The challenge for all hotel businesses is to gather relevant information to analyse key business areas. The most efficient way to gather and analyse data is through the use of the property management system. Since all aspects of the hotel operations are managed by one single unit the PMS, getting reports becomes easy. This data helps to plan your management strategies, which can be beneficial in increasing hotel profitability.

As a norm, most top hotels keep a track of key performance indicators (KPI) like daily average rate, revenue generated per room and gross profit per room. Having a customised property management system in place allows business owners to decide the metrics and reports they will need to plan their revenue and marketing strategies.