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Optimising Online Search: what SEO can do for your Hotel

Small things can make a big difference to small hotels. For instance, just three little letters – SEO – could work wonders for your boutique accommodation. Having said that, there’s really nothing small about search engine optimisation; either in its scope or possibilities. In simple terms, SEO is an indispensable online tool should you wish to increase your hotel’s presence on the Web and promote it far and wide to guests throughout the world.

How does it work? Well, SEO – or ‘search engine optimisation’, to use its full name – is a collection of strategies and techniques that combine together to improve a website’s appearance on Internet search pages. In short, thanks to SEO, your hotel’s site will rank higher when people look for potential hotels to stay at on search engines like Google.
Booking EngineSEO cheat-sheet
The following are all points that any hotel website should aim to focus on for effective SEO:

Ease of use
  • First off, your website needs to be responsive – that is, its design must be flexible so it facilitates all screen sizes and shapes
  • You’re a hotel, so visitors to your site should be able to book a room via the site; should you invest in a booking engine for hotels, they’ll be able to do so instantaneously and with ease and convenience – for both them and you!
Focus on content
  • Content is king to enable effective SEO, that means you should be producing and updating text that’s not just informative about your hotel, but also blogging – in other words, unique, insightful and compelling content about your property, local attractions and the hotel experience.
  • Content’s not just text, though; users respond enormously to multimedia – high-resolution imagery and videos
Rich keywords
  • The secret to SEO is packing your content with great keywords that relate to what your potential visitors are typing into Internet search engines; keywords then need to be included in your content and chosen carefully – relevance is key
Linking for the win!
  • Linking redirects visitors to other pages on your site, so link from one page to another – especially to pages of imagery and video, a contact page or one detailing local attractions.
  • Look to get local amenities (restaurants and attractions) and local businesses to link to your site from theirs,
  • Establish social media accounts for your business (Facebook and Twitter and the ilk) and be sure to link to your site’s content (and packages and offers) from them regularly
  • Become listed on review websites, such as TripAdvisor and Yelp, and politely ask for guests to provide reviews of your hotel on them.