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What Do Millennial Travellers Expect From Your Website?

Every business wants to target millennial customers. The latest research shows that by 2020, they will make up 50% of hotel guests, so understanding their unique needs and wants presents both a challenge and a necessity for the hospitality industry. The millennial generation has been notoriously difficult to ‘pin down’ by marketers, though one thing everyone does know about this demographic is that they enjoy travelling. But what are the top millennial travel trends to prepare for in your hotel website design? What exactly do millennial travellers expect from your website, and how can you deliver it? Read on to find out…

Website Design

Mobile Readiness
Mobile friendly websites are now starting to dominate the online world, and they are expected as standard by millennial travellers. The majority of millennials browse and book using mobile devices and smartphones – they don’t have the patience for negotiating clunky, confusing navigation or waiting an eternity for your website to load.

How to get mobile ready:
  Switch to an AMP or mobile-optimised design if you haven’t already.
•  If this isn’t an option, create a mobile-friendly version of your existing site – but be aware this is a quick-fix rather than a long-term solution.

A Speedy Booking System
The limited attention span of millennial travellers is practically the stuff of legend – but it is rooted in fact, too. As a generation who have grown up with a limitless number of options at their fingertips, they are not exactly prone to patience when it comes to buying goods and services. Waiting as your booking system processes their details is not going to be high on their agenda – and could make them close the page before proceeding.

How to ensure a speedy site:
  Don’t make the process overly complex and ensure that ways of booking are easily visible and accessible.
  Run a speed test on your site to make sure your website isn’t unnecessarily sluggish, enabling you to fix any errors.

A Local Focus
Millennial travellers like to explore the destinations they are visiting – so make sure your content places some importance on outlining how to get the best out of your area. Many millennial travellers have a truly global focus when it comes to their holiday choices.

How to show local expertise:
  Consider blog posts or additional content which show how to get the best out of your town, region or city. What is it that sets it apart from other potential holiday destinations?
  Position yourself as the top base for exploring your location. While millennials enjoy comfort, they are unlikely to accept it at the expense of opportunities to explore!

Staying Social
Millennials are social creatures, used to connectivity at the touch of a button or swipe of an iPhone. Don’t underestimate the importance of simply making sure your social sharing buttons are easily visible.

The Importance of Individuality
As a general rule, millennial travellers place a high premium on individuality when it comes to making purchases. They value vision and integrity alongside the chance to experience something a little out of the ordinary. Emphasising your ‘uniqueness’ is a great way of appealing to this trait.

Consider what it is that sets you apart from your competitors – and say it, loud and proud, incorporating into your hotel web design and showing your affinity for millennial travel trends with targeted, high converting content.