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The marketer’s guide to using special offers

Need to increase your revenue at your hotel? Special offers are one of the first ports of call for hoteliers around the world looking to increase their profit margins, and with good reason – people love a bargain. A hotel offering a special deal that could shave a substantial amount off their holiday bill instantly becomes an attractive option. But how can you make your special offer superior to the plethora of other special offers on the market? Check out this step-by-step guide to make your deals stand out from the crowd and boost your direct bookings.

Step 1: Identify your target audience

One element that forms part of marketing hotels strategies and hotel advertising strategies all over the world is identifying who you want to bring in and how to customize your offer to appeal to them. Analyse your visitor profiles to see who’s finding your hotel most attractive; is it honeymooners? Groups of friends? Retirees? Corporate booking agents? Once you’ve determined who’s finding your hotel most attractive, you can build on your appeal and take more of a market share.

Step 2: Decide on your plans and packages

Once you’ve identified who you’re selling to, it’s time to move onto the next step of your marketing hotel strategy; formulating your plans and packages. Get creative. If your hotel is aimed at groups of young friends, why not create offers that include vouchers to local bars? Likewise, if you’re trying to entice families to make group bookings, you could add in incentives such as theme park inclusions as part of your special deal.

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Step 3: Selling your package

Properly executing the next step is vital to your success – selling your package. When you’re creating your new special offers in your CRS, make sure you create a unique URL so you can track how well your campaign is going. You can then adjust accordingly if need be. Another useful tactic is to create a dedicated landing page as part of your hotel advertising strategies. This should offer a direct booking option, rather than having your potential customers routed through the home page and via the standard path to the booking engine.

Step 4: Your marketing channels

In order for your offer to be successful then it’s imperative than you market your offer through the right channels. Here’s a couple to consider.

• Social media If your offer is geared towards younger travellers then it’s especially important that you make the most of social media. You can easily set up Facebook, Instagram and Twitter ads to target certain demographics and age groups so you know that you’re hitting your target market.

• PPC As you already know, you’ll only pay for each click that your ad receives, but pay-per-click ads are also extremely versatile. You can edit your ad to only appear on certain devices, at specific times or in certain locations, allowing you to reach your desired target audience more effectively with minimal spend.

• Email marketing The least expensive booking to acquire is that of an existing customer. So, promote your great deals to your existing client base, using email marketing and automated emails to promote and follow up.