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How Many Of These Hotel Marketing Trends Are You Using Already?

If you’re responsible for marketing a hotel or number of hotels, you’ll know just how quickly trends come and go. With new social networks, new approaches, technologies, algorithms, search engines and apps popping up weekly, it can be hard to know what to try and what to ignore.

Fortunately, the travel and hospitality industry site, Tnooz has shared a brand new infographic which highlights 17 hotel marketing strategies trending right now. These new approaches and suggested actions are all things to consider as you work out your hotel marketing strategies for the final six months of the year.

Here, we’ve handpicked the most interesting of these trends so you can put them on your radar for the months to come.

The trends set to be big in the second half of 2017
Mobile: It’s no surprise that mobile is trending in the hotel digital marketing sector with Google confirming a mobile index set to launch later this year. In addition to mobile friendly web design, mobile should be front and centre when considering emails, content and your other marketing activity.

New payment options: Specifically, mobile payment. Could this be the year Apple Pay truly goes mainstream? You can already pay for your Starbucks and your supermarket shop with mobile payments, so why not give your guests that same flexibility?

No more tablets: The infographic shares that tablets could be in decline, with more users favouring larger smartphones over the mid-sized devices.

Paid search shifts: Extended text ads, different ad formats, a new AdWords interface and even competition from the on demand industry? Time to revamp your paid search hotel marketing strategies and get used to seeing PPC grab headlines again!

Digital Marketing
New channels for hotel room bookings: Some of the most marketing-forward hotels are already exploring new avenues to add to their hotel distribution channels, including Airbnb listings. This comes with its own challenges but, also suggests lots of potential to increase your revenue and drive up reservation numbers.

Snapchat Commerce: This is one trend you probably couldn’t predict but, a growing number of travel businesses are turning to Snapchat to advertise their offerings. With Facebook and Instagram ads now as prolific as AdWords or Bing paid search options, it was perhaps only a matter of time before the social media titans introduced new options to monetize their own user base.

Bing goes from strength to strength: It may be something you didn’t expect to read given Google’s search dominance but, Bing has been accumulating a bigger share of the market in 2017. With less than 10% it is still dwarfed by Google but, has a higher engagement rate and still handles several million searches per week, making it one to consider as you plan your Q4 hotel marketing strategies.

Live Streaming: Live streaming has had its nose pushed somewhat out of joint by the arrival of Virtual and Augmented Realities. But, before it had to jostle for position with AR and VR, it was an exciting prospect for marketers – marked significantly, by the launch of Facebook Live. Live streaming offers marketers a unique chance to connect with audiences, and offer authentic content experiences, making it a trend not to discount easily.