Digital Marketing

Are You Making These Blogging Mistakes?

A great business blog can be a tremendously useful online marketing tool – yet done wrong, it can be actively detrimental.

Some of the key benefits of blogging include increased web traffic (as a result of enhanced Google visibility), lead generation without excess costs, and a chance to share your expertise with your fans or followers.

Business blogging is quite distinct from personal blogging, though this is unfortunately something which is often overlooked when hoteliers begin their content marketing efforts. Read on to discover the biggest blogging mistakes to avoid for optimum success.


Using the Wrong Tone of Voice
In the world of blogging, tone of voice and audience suitability is everything. The tone of voice you use for your posts will make or break that same audience’s ability to connect with what it is you are writing. Establishing clear content marketing guidelines at the outset of your blogging activities – and understanding that writing a blog is quite distinct from many other written forms of communication – is a key aspect for your success or failure in this area.

Focusing On Sales Speak
Blogging is not a space for directly advertising your hotel. The end goal of most marketing activity is of course increasing your revenue – but the hard sell approach is simply not appropriate or desirable in blogging and content marketing in general. Instead of trying to push sales with convoluted sales talk, focus on identifying the needs and wants of your target market. Tell them how you can help them achieve their goals and book the holiday of their dreams – without explicitly demanding anything of them.

Posting Irregularly
There’s no need to blog every day, but post as frequently as you are able. Once a week is better than nothing – doubly so if the content you are producing has veracity and substance rather than being all ‘fluff’. Don’t feel the need to pad out recycled posts for the sake of content marketing volume. Quality beats quantity when putting together your business blog – but so does consistency of posting. If you’ve decided on a schedule, be sure to stick to it. 

Failing to Promote Your Posts
Once you’ve got a blog post you’re happy with, why not tell the world? Promote it on your social media channels. Display it prominently on your webpage. Promote it in as many ways as you can through as many ‘shareable’ means at your disposal to help the news spread like wildfire.

Relying On Text Alone
Adding images to your posts gives them extra appeal, helping you to visualize key concepts and promote the unique benefits of your hotel without resorting to clunky sales text. Studies have found that images can increase engagement significantly versus plain text alternatives, so consider breaking up your posts with infographics (great for social sharing!) and images. This gives both visual flair and increased credibility to your blog.

Forgetting to Measure Your Results
Remember why it is you’re investing in content marketing in the first place and measure your progress and results against key performance indicators. Look carefully at what posts garner the best response, and which fall flat. Improve your efforts based on these metrics to help create a blog which generates more readers and ultimately, more hotel visits.