Digital Marketing

Make The Most Of Multimedia: The Power Of Websites, Apps, And Videos

As the digital revolution – entwined as it is, of course, with the evolution of the Internet – ever progresses, the multimedia opportunities for businesses are steadily increasing and evolving too. They’re becoming ever more powerful in engaging and communicating with customers and clients. To that end then, there’s no getting away from it; if you run a hotel you simply have to make use of the online multimedia opportunities out there to gain and maintain a competitive edge.

Revenue Managment

As far as most hotels are concerned, their website is the ideal resource for enabling people to check out the accommodation and book rooms. However, it offers much more than that. It’s also maybe the biggest and (it should be) the most effective marketing opportunity open to your business. That’s simply because of how universal and, thus, how essential and powerful an entity the ’Net has become in everyone’s everyday lives. And it means its resources are growing by the day. For instance, recent research suggests that as much as seven in every 10 (69%) of purchasers will now read online reviews before purchasing online. All the more reason then to ensure your own little nook of the Internet sells your hotel as well as it possibly can – it must be user-friendly, coherent, engaging and informative.
Applications downloadable to a smartphone or tablet are a marketing dream. Why? Because they transform mere consumers (or a hotel’s potential visitors/ post-visitors) into dedicated, active participants in its brand. They enable people to engage with and interact with businesses – all your hotel’s latest news and offers can instantly reach somebody on the device they hold in their hand. How’s that for potent hotel digital advertising! And, as they’re ideal for deepening the hotel/ visitor relationship then, they enable people to play a role in shaping your brand going forward too.
No, videos on the Internet aren’t just for watching animals do funny things. Sure, that alone may be one of the reasons they’re among the most popular of all online content, but it’s far from the only one. People love to absorb information and opinion via moving images; ever since the first feature films were created and the first cinemas opened, the human population across the world has become obsessed, nay addicted to them. Video’s extremely easy and pleasurable to consume, thus it’s another marketing dream. For instance, online video content gives you the chance to show off your hotel to potential visitors as if they’re actually inside the property – now, stop and think about how powerful that is… then ask yourself whether you can really afford not to take advantage of it!