Social Media


Instagram is a vital channel for hoteliers and hotel marketers:

  • Over 200 million people now use Instagram Stories every day, according to the latest figures released by the social network (April 2017). Each of those users is looking to engage with brands.
    28% of US adults use Instagram
    75% of Instagram users are located outside the US
    There are now more than 700 million active monthly Instagram users – with more than half visiting the site daily
What does all this mean? Instagram users are prolific and engaged. And, thanks to the discovery nature of the network, it’s perfect for travel brands who want to connect with their audience and grow their reach.

In a sea of photos though and in the face of tough competition, it isn’t always easy to make your hotel brand stand out. So, how do you use Instagram to provide an exciting and visually-dynamic method of promotion that delivers a strong ROI in the form of more traffic, more rate enquiries and more reservations?

 Try our tips to make your hotel stand out from the competition – use these as part of your hotel social media strategy and measure the difference.

Encourage Guests to Share Photos
One of the best ways to ensure your Instagram page stands out is simply to encourage hotel guests to share their own images of themselves having a great time. User generated content is ultra-powerful, thanks to the power of online recommendations. Encourage your visitors to share their own scenic shots of the exterior, their hotel rooms or some of the special features of the hotel.

This cuts down on the time you spend sourcing new content – always a bonus in the busy hotel trade – and also helps encourage a closer bond between your hotel and the target market. Consider utilising a special hashtag and encouraging guests to use it when they post their photos. This makes it much easier for you to find the images and re-post them to boost engagement. There are lots of reposting apps to streamline this process.

Get Creative with Your Photography
Consider the composition of each and every image you post as clearly as if you were organising photography for a brochure or the photography for your own website. Social media has a tendency to stick around forever, so you want these pictures to stand the test of time!

Interior shots of your hotel rooms or amenities are ever-popular, giving you a chance to convey the kind of facilities on offer and the experiences to be had by your clientele when they book a stay. Try to get across a sense of narrative rather than sticking with static images – add a sense of drama and artistry. Be sure to offer plenty of shots of the surrounding area to further impress your followers.

Remember the Guest Element
People want to see other people enjoying your hotel, so remember to incorporate plenty of shots of real people enjoying your hotel into your hotel social media strategy and your Instragram for hotels.

Showcase Your Latest Offers
Why not promote your latest offers using Instagram? The images will help to make your content shareable, giving you plenty of opportunity to spread the message far and wide. Dining offers, special room rates, activities packages – all of these and more can be conveyed to propel your hotel to ‘Instafame’.