Mobile App Development

An integrated app solution could be the answer to your omnichannel needs

With the rise of smartphones and millions of people using apps everyday to cover everything from entertainment to shopping, it’s time for hotels to assess how they can use fully integrated apps to their advantage. Businesses across all sectors are facing increasing customer demands for omnichannel services, allowing them to access content in a variety of ways. Those businesses that fail to listen could fall behind.

Many leaders have already embraced hotel app development to further their business and customer communication. But integrated apps go further. Rather than simply handing the work over to a third party to cover some hotel processes, integrated apps create platforms that act as a digital portal to cover the entire hospitality process, from consumers researching hotels to leaving a review. Working across multiple connection points, it’s a booking engine software option that hotels need to be considering to increase reservations, reach and loyalty.

An integrated app solution could be the answer to your omnichannel needs

If you’re not convinced about the advantage of integrated app solutions, we’ve got seven reasons to look at your hotel app development now:

• Builds trust – An integrated app solution encompasses your brand and ethos, helping to build trust with your customers using it. Travellers that have a reliable, trustworthy way to book and contact you are more likely to do so, helping to generate more business.

• Streamlines payment process – App that are designed with the future in mind should include an effortless payment system, no matter how it’s being accessed. Research shows that complicated and time consuming payment methods lead to customers abandoning their carts, while streamlining can reduce this.

• Integrates reward systems – Your rewards system should be considered one of your selling points, giving travellers that extra reason to return and book with you. An omnichannel app means that rewards can be viewed, accessed, or redeemed at just the tap of a screen for the ultimate convenience that travellers will love.

• Improves customer loyalty – Integrated apps give you the perfect way to establish a connection with both leads and customers alike. You can efficiently highlight why they should be using your brand, encouraging a strong sense of customer loyalty, which in turn, gives your reservations and profits a boost.

• Creates a consistent experience – Transforming your current offering to consider the omnichannel approach allows you to create a consistent experience across every platform. From how you communication to the prices on offer, you’ll be able to ensure every customer benefits from the high standards that your set.

• Notifications provide numerous opportunities – App notifications are already being used to great effect by the hotel community and integrated solutions further enhance that. A notification can encourage someone who has left their basket return or give the nudge for a reservation to decide to upgrade his or her room.

• Gather invaluable data – With a unified experience across all platforms that’s fully integrated into your processes, you’ll be able to tap into a wealth of information. Having data at your fingertips can be invaluable to draw on for a variety of decision making purposes, such as how to improve marketing efforts and what hotel areas you should be investing in.

Integrated omnichannel apps are the future of communication and customer journey for the hotel industry.