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Increase the organic reach of your Facebook posts with these proven strategies

The declining organic reach of Facebook posts has been a source of frustration for marketers for the last couple of years. With changes to Facebook’s algorithms and News Feed, brands have found that the content they post on their business page is displaying to fewer and fewer followers. In fact, studies show that on average, just 6% of your page content will display to followers.

Increasingly, content does not show to fans unless it is boosted or backed with some kind of advertising budget. So, how can you increase the organic reach of your hotel’s Facebook posts and ensure that more potential guests see your hotel content, special offers, and updates? Read on to discover a few proven techniques to improve your social media marketing and start running a more effective Facebook campaign.

Strategy 1: Step away from the paid fans

If you’ve artificially boosted your hotel’s Facebook page by buying followers, your page performance might seem even worse than it would otherwise. Why? Simply put, the fans you are buying might make your page likes numbers look good (and there is some merit to this if you are right at the start of your hotel’s Facebook campaign) but they aren’t genuine fans who will engage with your content and visit your page over time.

Strategy 2: Understand the algorithm

Facebook has gone on record about its algorithm changes and how it decides what makes it on to news feeds. It says that its priority is serving users content and news from people and pages that matter to them, about topics that interest them. This means that your social media marketing should incorporate an element of analysis – the more you can create posts that fans do engage with, the more likely it is that your future posts will show in News Feed.

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Strategy 3: Know what type of posts work well

44% of all adults use Facebook as their primary source of news, according to a Pew research study in 2016.

Video consumption is also rising, with Facebook data confirming that daily watch time for FacebookLive broadcasts quadrupled 2016-17. In its Sight, Sound and Mobilization analysis, Facebook says, “People surveyed in the US and Canada indicated that they are drawn to mobile video on Facebook and Instagram because it connects them to a community, offers them personally relevant content and makes them feel excited and engaged.”

You can use this knowledge to improve your Facebook post reach by ensuring you are serving up content that Facebook users actually care about. Consider how you can incorporate video into your hotel’s Facebook campaign. Why not plan a LiveStream where viewers can ask questions about the area or get recommendations from a destination expert for example?

Strategy 4: Host a Facebook contest

Facebook will show posts with higher engagements more often in News Feed because it knows that its users are interested in that particular piece of content. A contest is a great way to get comments and likes flooding in, giving Facebook a more favorable view of your content and helping to increase your organic reach for subsequent posts.

Running a content doesn’t have to mean giving away a free stay – mix it up and partner with local bars, restaurants or attractions for free tickets and meals out to keep costs down.