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Improve your hotel’s marketing in 2018

The hotel industry is making optimal use of digital marketing to improve profitability. The advent of new technology has led to a steady rise in hotel bookings made through online booking via apps and websites. While working with OTAs has remained important an increasing number of hotels now prefer to opt for direct bookings besides standard third-party channels.

Hotel digital marketing is the key to adopting new strategies to improve bookings, raise profits and improve customer service levels. The use of a first-rate digital marketing agency like Digital Hotelier can make all the difference between staying competitive and steaming ahead.

From ensuring your hotel booking engine is performing at peak levels to adopting the right digital marketing mediums, every aspect is analysed and professionally managed.

Some ways in which a professional digital marketing agency will help in 2018 are:

Aim for direct bookings:

If you do not already have a direct booking option at your hotel website, 2018 is the year to get it. There is a trend with hotels opting for direct booking besides using traditional OTAs as booking channels. Get a new booking engine installed for direct bookings, which are commission free.

Fine tune the website:

The easier a website is to navigate the more the booking it receives. Guests who book through OTAs also frequently visit the hotel website to check about amenities, services, accommodation etc. The more relevant the content, the higher is the probability of gaining customers.  The website optimisation must ensure it works well across all web devices. An increasing number of customers are using smartphones and mobile devices to book rooms, so it must be mobile friendly.

Content still rules:

The more relevant and useful the content the more it will benefit your business. With visitors spending more time to check websites before deciding to make bookings, their preferences and time have to be valued. Having well-defined content across distribution channels and the website, with all essential information easy to locate, will positively impact hotel bookings. For this, actively publish press releases, blogs and videos of hotel activities. The more innovative you are, the easier it is to remain competitive.

Use of social media:

Social media is the future of marketing with sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter playing a critical role in marketing. Guest can be encouraged to share and like the website homepage on the social media accounts. It will lead to greater brand recognition and the greater the number of followers the more influence the hotel business will have. Positive online web presence through social media will be the focus of digital marketing companies in 2018.

Engage through emails:

Since it began email marketing has played a key role in marketing hotels across the Internet. Have well written promotional emails sent to guests from your hotel website’s database. From the latest special offers to new affiliate partners they can benefit from keeping them updated to the latest happenings at the hotel.

The key objective for the hospitality industry in 2018, is to fine-tune their digital marketing strategy and strengthen customer engagement, through innovative business practices.