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Is Your Hotel Using All Of These Free Google Tools For Better Search Results?

Every hotelier wants their hotel to rank as highly as possible in Google search, and thankfully Google has many free tools to help make this goal a little more attainable. But is your hotel taking advantage of all of them? Read on to find out which free Google tools you should be making use of for better organic search listings.

Google Alerts
Quick and easy to use as online reputation-management tools go, Google Alerts is fairly basic – but it still holds a special place on this list as it is considered indispensable by many online marketers and with good reason. Setting up a Google Alert for your hotel for your keywords of your choice (and perhaps even competitor hotel or brand names) helps you to keep tabs on how your establishment is faring in Google search. It means you’re aware of any negative stories as they appear as Google will provide regular index updates for your perusal.

Google AdWords Keyword Planner
A really helpful tool for plotting out which keywords to use in both paid search and SEO activity, Google’s AdWords Keyword Planner helps you generate new keyword ideas and gain insight into which keywords will work best for your purposes. It can also help you to choose the right budget for your AdWords campaign, and provides an interesting ‘lead in’ to those less acquainted with Google AdWords. 

Google Analytics
Google Analytics is designed to give your website (and any related apps) the best possible results via Google Search, offering methods of better understanding the way your target hotel guests think and what motivates their booking decisions. It tracks and reports website traffic and gives useful data such as bounce rate, time on page, most visited pages and traffic sources. It is currently the most popular web analytics program on the web, with premium and mobile app versions available to users with more specific needs.

Google Trends
Among these free digital marketing tools offered by Google, Google Trends stands out as a particularly helpful way of assessing the likelihood of your chosen topic or keyword causing a buzz – and like every other tool on this list, it’s free!

Google Analytics Consumer Surveys
Part of Google’s Analytics package, Google surveys help you to gather consumer insights which can in turn help drive better search strategies. With a free add-on option to allow your visitors to measure their satisfaction with your website, this could help with your A/B testing and content strategies as well.

Google Page Speed Insights
Given the increased importance of page speed in search engine rankings, it’s definitely worth taking the time to check how your hotel website stacks up by taking a look at Page Speed Insights. Designed to help you work out how to make your website faster and more mobile-friendly, it’s an invaluable tool for incorporating into your hotel marketing strategies.

While it isn’t strictly a tool, it would be impossible not to mention AMP as one method of obtaining better search positions. AMP, or Accelerated Mobile Pages, is a Google project to create better mobile experiences for internet users. AMP is a truncated version of HTML which speeds up page loading times for mobile users. If you add AMP to your content, such as blog posts or news items, you’ll often see that content appears in the carousel on the search results page, giving instantly better search visibility for your hotel.