Social Media


Facebook ads are a great tool for boosting your hotel brand. Consistent messaging, delivered to your target audience via Facebook’s range of paid social advertising options, could provide some significant advantages for your hotel.

If you’re new to Facebook ads, the sheer scale of options can be overwhelming. The key is to identify the formats that are best suited to the hospitality industry. To help you make that decision, let’s take a look at some of the best options for hoteliers and how you can incorporate them into your hotel social media marketing.

Why use Facebook Ads?
Organic reach via Facebook only goes so far, so when hotel marketers really want to spread the word, you will need to turn your attention to paid social advertising. Facebook advert campaigns are some of the most comprehensive and trusted paid social advertising methods around. As a Facebook advertiser, you can choose your audience by specifying criteria such as demographic, their behaviour patterns such as interests and contact information. This degree of control, plus the option to run ads on Instagram and the relatively low cost in comparison with traditional paid search, makes it a modern, attractive option.

Photo Ads
Clean and simple, photo ads are a classic way of spreading awareness about your hotel, and a great way to reinforce your branding when accompanied by relevant and engaging copy.

Video Ads
Video content is great for fuelling engagement, and Facebook’s video ads provide a variety of options across Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network. This option includes shorter videos for on-the-go viewers, and long-form video. With video being such a compelling content format, both of these ad types lend themselves well to hotel advertising and can be used to boost traffic and direct bookings.

Carousel Ads
The carousel ad format allows hoteliers to incorporate up to ten separate images or videos within each advert. Each one within the carousel can have its own unique link, allowing for plenty of specific landing page targeting. This would prove particularly helpful when displaying different room or suite options.

Slideshow Ads
A way of creating cost-effective ads from existing video footage or a compilation of images, this ad type is designed to work across all devices and connection speeds. Slideshow ads are hugely accessible to budget-conscious hoteliers.

Collection Ads
Perfect for showing off the features of your hotel’s offering, this ad type helps potential hotel guests discover what sets your establishment apart from the competition as part of your hotel social media marketing, bringing together relevant features within a single Facebook ad.

Canvas Ads
Specifically designed with the needs of mobile users in mind, Canvas ads provide a way for hoteliers to create full-screen ads designed to load instantly and engage target audiences. Easy to create, they provide a fully immersive experience for your ideal hotel guest.

Still unsure which ads will best suit your objectives within Facebook advert campaigns? Browse the different formats of Facebook ads here.