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A Full-Proof Guide to Optimise your Hotel Booking Conversions

Hotels today are making a competitive presence online to increase business and reach their customers. To make a build a relation with your customer online as well as earn their loyalty can be a tricky. Our guide below will help you get more conversions and keep your customers happy.

Hotel Booking

Here’s our guide:

  • Keep it beautiful and real.
Invest in the upkeep of your property and let the photographs do the talking. Give a real picture to your customers. Let them have a visual tour to your hotel rooms, lobby, restaurants and more. Describe your hotel extremely well from carpets to beddings in an impressive tone. This will help your customer get the real picture and take a decision quickly.
  • Flaunt your services. Customers will always love and come back to you for your warm little gestures. Get competitive with services and advertise the inclusions like free Wi-Fi, a welcome drink, parking facility, benefits of becoming a member of their hotel a city guide or a rack full of free maps and more.

  • Make the booking process super-simple. Make sure the booking on your hotel website design is easy-peasy for your customer to enjoy a smooth booking process. Lengthy questionnaires and unnecessary surveys can frustrate a potential booker.

  • Make your website responsive. Develop a dynamic website that is easy to operate on all browsers and devices. Remember the modern day traveller can be booking from any medium.

  • Be transparent about your hotel rules and policies. Be very clear about your check-in and check-out timings, if your hotel has smoking zones or not, is pet friendly or not and more vital policies to avoid any surprises for your customers upon arrival.

  • Have an active, interactive review section. In a virtual world, people bank on other people’s reviews. Maintain a review page that helps customers decide better. Your admin should reply to both good and bad reviews. This will help you paint a responsible image of your hotel online.

  • Wall of hygiene fame. Showcasing a good hygiene report or awards of maintenance will definitely give your hotel an edge above the rest. Let your customer know booking with your clean hotel is a real value for money.

  • Intuitive interface. Approach your customers with generous filters, options and suggestions while they fill their booking requirements to appear friendly.
Our guide and important pointers will surely help you pop-up as an ideal hotel for your customers.