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Four Ways To Boost Bookings From Your Corporate Clients

Corporate clients spent an eye-watering $1300bn on travel in 2016. The Global Business Travelers Association expects this to grow by 6% by 2020. If you aren’t making the most of this opportunity to grow your corporate client business, read on for four ways you can boost hotel bookings from this section of the consumer base.

Highlight relevant features on landing pages

Tailoring your hotel features to answer corporate travel needs is the first way to boost bookings.. An executive giving a presentation on Monday, for example, is likely to need reliable, fast Wi-Fi in order to get their presentation in order and dry-cleaning services so they can spend more time working. Other hoteliers will incorporate features such as this into their marketing hotels strategies, so you should to.

Another area to focus on is fitness. Many of the most high-achieving businessmen and women take their health very seriously and are unlikely to book anywhere that doesn’t have a gym with all the facilities and equipment necessary for them to keep up their workout routine whilst they’re away. What’s more, many corporate clients will want to get back to work as soon as their meeting or presentation is over. Why not accommodate this by offering shuttle transport to and from the airport and local meeting venues? Organizing transport is one of the last things that corporate clients will want to spend their time sorting out and doing it for them is something they’ll appreciate greatly.

Make sure corporate-friendly features such as these are clearly stated on your website. Having a dedicated landing page for corporate traveller’s means you can personalise the content further and really maximise business-friendly hotel features.


Offer flexible check-ins

Flexibility is a big draw for corporate travellers. Many will have presentations or meetings at irregular times of the day yet still want a period of time to freshen up, prepare their work or get a few hours’ sleep before they leave again. Why not incorporate a flexible check-in option into your hotel booking engine for website? Being able to accommodate the main purpose for travel by working around guest needs is an easy way to win more corporate bookings. Don’t be afraid to shout about this option on your corporate travel landing pages, highlight it in LinkedIn posts and consider making it more of a feature on your booking engine for business travellers

Reward loyalty

Your corporate clients will be going back to the office after they’ve stayed with you, and one way to guarantee you’ll get good word-of-mouth coverage is by rewarding them for their stay. Providing loyalty benefits to returning corporate clients means that Both the guest and their company are likely to consider your hotel brand for future bookings.

Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the world’s biggest professional network and offers a plethora of opportunities for boosting your corporate bookings. If you haven’t yet made LinkedIn a core part of your marketing hotels strategies for business bookings, now is the time to investigate how you can make more of this channel. Try joining relevant groups and sharing useful content and tips, create tailored corporate travel updates and network, network, network.