Hotel Revenue Management

Features to Consider When Selecting A Hotel Management System

Having the right hotel management software is critical in property management across the world. Hotel software is of immense use in daily operations for all types of hotels 5-star properties to B&Bs. While most of the top hotels have migrated to cloud-based hotel management software, others are still undecided as to what type of hotel management software to invest in. Having the right software saves on costs and time for any hotel.

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Some of the things to consider when looking for hotel management software are:

Need for hotel management software:

Those with smaller and mid-sized hotel properties frequently have doubts about whether there is any need for them to invest in such software. Questions like the need for, cost and training the staff pop up most frequently. The fact is investing in such software is a prudent decision because:

  • Automation saves time
  • Improves worker productivity with time saved on manually updating the system
  • Provides detailed reports helping to streamline and function more efficiently
  • Helps to improve marketing strategy to raise profitability

Kind of software:

The fact is a selection of software is not subject to the number of properties or rooms at a hotel. There are various flexible models of software to cater to client needs. There are two kinds of software to choose from.

Cloud-based software:

Must more economical and fast with no requirement for hardware of an IT support team. There are various plans to choose from which are pay per month. The benefit of using cloud-based data storage is it is accessible from any part of the world. There is the flexibility for multiple users to log on simultaneously at no extra charge. An added benefit is the plans include support and training for staff. When selecting cloud base hotel management software it must integrate with the hotel website.

On-Prem Software:

Also known as Premise Software as the name suggests the data is stored on site. There is no requirement for an Internet connection and hotel owners have to pay for the complete package. While the hotel owner has complete rights over the software as its owner there is a limitation on the number of people with access to it at a single time. There also is a need to have an IT support team for maintenance.

Of the two, cloud-based software is the ideal option for hotel businesses of all sizes. The benefits offered by cloud-based software are not available using the On-Prem software.

The use of hotel management will improve the overall efficiency of the staff as they will no longer be busy with administrative tasks. The entire process is automatic without any need for manual intervention at any stage. No extra training is of need as it only needs basic computer skills.