Social Media

Facebook’s Updated Page Metrics Prove a Treasure Trove of Information for Hotel Marketers

We know that social media marketing is becoming more sophisticated by virtue of the increasingly complex innovations and advanced features rolled out by the likes of Facebook and Instagram on a seemingly weekly basis.

While some updates are focused on the consumer, the good news is that marketers are often able to use new and insightful tools developed as a result of these innovations to their advantage. But with updates and developments happening almost weekly, it can be difficult to keep up with what’s actually available and more importantly, what works.

As a leading hospitality marketing agency, we’re experts in social media marketing and understand how it can elevate a hotel to new heights. Facebook’s latest update will prove to be invaluable to the hotel industry.

What’s changing?

Facebook has always been at the forefront of analytics, but hotel owners and managers now have access to more analytical tools than ever before thanks to added page metrics features. Providing business pages with more ways to understand their audience, these new metrics are released monthly and provide up to date information that is inherently useful to your hospitality marketing agency and your in-house marketers alike when it comes to understanding behaviours and trends.


Learn about interactions

The long-awaited update for interactions is finally here. By highlighting how many users reached the website after clicking on an ad, this new metric helps businesses to understand how important “optimising for a better mobile web experience” is. Delving into more detail than ever before, hotel page administrators are able to see not only if users are clicking a link, but whether they then make it there – or hit the ‘back’ button – which could be an indication of slow page-load times.

Learn who is clicking

Called the “pre-impression activity breakdown”, this link-focussed metric is revolutionising digital hoteliers’ lives. Offering more insight into who clicks through, the data flags up when a user has visited the website before, in order to report when campaigns have been successful in attracting a new audience.

Recommendations is changing

This change expands on the platform’s ‘Recommendations’ feature where users ask their friends for help finding products or services. The new metric means that when the hotel is recommended by anyone, the recommendation will now show up on the relevant Facebook page’s analytics.

More accurate visit statistics

Facebook has always been technologically savvy, but some of its features were significantly out of date prior to this update. One of the simplest, but most useful, updates is the change in the way page owners can see who has shown an interest in their page. Previously they had to rely on page clicks, but the latest update shows page owners how many viewed the page by hovering over it – without actually clicking on it.

Deeper demographic insights

Understanding an audience is key. Facebook has always been very good at providing such information for page managers, but now this has become even more detailed. Information on where the followers came from – for example via a paid ad or organically – is now readily available.