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The Essential Feature Inclusions for a New Hotel Website

Ever since the birth of the world wide web. It has changed it’s face, functionality and features almost every day. Every business is extending its presence online. Plus, this presence is now not limited to your desktop, it has gone a level-up and is now available on your smartphones and smart devices. The modern customer can reach you from anywhere around the world, but are you prepared to welcome him without any obstructions?  Here’s a list of essential features your website must have to make it easily approachable, usable and accessible by all different type of customers using different type of devices.
Here’s a handy checklist to follow when developing your new hotel website design :
Features to help you run a successful website:
  1. Responsive web design: The design of your software should be easily adaptable on any device from desktop, smartphones to tablets and iPads.
  2. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Make sure have a strong SEO tool with all the must have keywords. This will your website appear easily on google searches.
  3. Content Management system (CMS): This tool helps you run your website smoothly. Making updates, edits and changing content will be done with ease. Keeping your website up-to-date is very important in a competitive online world.

Book Online
Features to impress your visitors:
  1. An easy and secure online booking engine: Make sure your booking section is easy-to-use. It should be made simple and secure for all types of customers to use.
  2. A an online chat for queries: Make a 24/7 chat to assist your customers.
  3. Easily accessible contact info: Your contact address, telephone and email should be easy to spot on your hotel website.
  4. Quality Content: The content of your website should be short, informative and should beautifully describe your hotel property in words.
  5. High resolution picture gallery: A customer first sees your hotel through the pictures on your website. Make sure you engage a professional photographer to beautifully represent your hotel.
  6. Video tours of the hotel: A video tour of the hotel helps customer get an actual idea of where and how they are going to stay.
  7. A map for directions
  8. Price level bar
  9. Banners with hotel highlights
  10. Language translator: This is an essential tool to communicate with your customers globally.