Digital Marketing

Are You Doing Digital Marketing At Your Hotel Business?

As a hotel business, it is important that you do everything you can to help advertise your hotel to reach as many people as possible. Digital marketing is just one area of your marketing plan which can have a dramatic effect on your bookings.

A part of digital marketing for hotels is using social media.

If you aren’t really into social media yourself, you shouldn’t snub it. It really has the power to reach the right audiences and if you aren’t sure what you are doing when it comes to hotel social media marketing, hire someone who does know.

You can choose a professional digital hotelier who can assist your business. Essentially, it pays to dedicate the time and money on it. According to reports, around 60% of people came to know about a hotel through social media. People who stay with you will take pictures and post status updates, and the ability to tag your hotel in the post has huge benefits and it helps you to get visibility.

Digital Marketing

Not only this but it is also the best place for adding reviews of your property, because this and tripadvisor tend to be the top sites people go to check out a hotel before they book. If people leave a review your hotel, remember to try and reply to each comment, good and bad. By replying to the comments, you show you are a hotel that cares. If someone leaves a poor review, take the comments on board and try and offer some kind of compensation to the reviewer.

You might also consider PPC, SEO, and e-mails in your digital marketing efforts. These different channels have various benefits and they support the other’s efforts towards better targeting, as well as lower costs and higher revenue. When it comes to hotel search media marketing, you want to appear high on search engine results like Google so that people can find out about your hotel.  All these things can be used together to create the ultimate digital marketing efforts.

If you have a particular campaign in mind, Digital Marketing helps you to target a specific audience for this campaign. For instance, you might want to run a Father’s Day promotion. Where do you start? After you have drawn up the details of the campaign, sharing it on social media is a good place to start. Others can, in turn, share the content further. You might also want to develop a well-crafted e-mail to your customers and maybe even introduce a loyalty offer. According to a study on social media, emails with social sharing buttons increase click-through rates by 158%. Linking the two options has high benefits.

Your website needs to of course be well designed and well tested so that bookings come in easily. Hotel website design should be easy to navigate and eye catching. Remember not to neglect your mobile platforms as well. Mobile shopping has gained popularity because everything is easier for people who can shop or book hotel rooms on the go. Everything is just one click away. You might want to consider investing in launching an app to further encourage interest.