Mobile App Development

How Digital Hotelier can give your hotel the mobile edge

The mobile era is here. All over the world we’re seeing huge increases in mobile viewings and bookings, with many of these largely going through online travel agency (OTA) websites. Whilst this may be great news for OTAs, what this means is that a gulf opens up between you and your guests. More often than not, the first exposure your customers will have with you is when they’ve walked through the front door of your lobby due to the fact their entire journey has been handled by an OTA.

A remedy to bridging the distance between you and your guests is to create a mobile experience of your own that rivals both the functionality and usefulness of OTAs. With your own native app you can offer enhanced engagement with your customers by putting your hotel brand in their pocket, and the power back in your hands.

Native apps aren’t just about providing an alternative booking channel either; you can provide an immersive brand experience that showcases everything good about your hotel. Read on to find out how a Digital Hotelier app can help your hotel stand out from the crowd and boost your revenue.

UI excellence

We can offer you a gorgeous user interface that your clients will find a joy to use. Including features such as quick-access menu bars for easy navigation, rotating image galleries, promo codes for exclusive offers, live weather, quick availability search, videos and more, your customers will have everything they need to know about your hotel at their fingertips. We’ll also incorporate your own branding into your app to give it the official touch, and our experts work with the most powerful and widely used platforms in iOS and Android.

content - How digital hotelier can give your hotel the mobile edge

Your brand in your guest’s pocket

With a Digital Hotelier app you’re putting your brand a swipe away from your customer. You can keep your guests up to date with your latest updates, services and attractions and sync user’s emails to their social media accounts for a more personalized service than ever before. Offering packages and promotions through your app not only creates a better guest experience, it grants you another channel to increase your revenue with too.

Easy booking

Increasing your direct bookings are the quickest way to boost your revenue, and our app will make booking the easiest it’s ever been. On top of that, we’ll increase your takings even further with Google wallet and Apple Wallet integration so that your guests can take advantage of loyalty card programmes, discount coupons, seasonal sales offers and more.

Intuitive search

Our app can make it easier than ever for your guests to find what they want. All of your group’s hotels and rooms will be listed based on price or classification. What’s more, with features such as Google Map and Uber integration you can be sure your guests won’t have any trouble finding you, and prospective customers can book quickly and easily through card payments on the app.

Marketing power

Our Google AdWords professionals and PPC experts bring a wealth of experience to the table that can benefit your hotel. Our specialist team will analyse your keywords, website landing pages, budgets, geo-graphics and more to ensure that you’ve got the best campaign possible. We’ll also provide a regular review of your results and adjust accordingly to ensure you’re getting the best value for money.