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CRO Tips To Increase Your Conversions

Conversions are the holy grail for any marketer – and this is especially true if you’re running a hotel website where conversions impact revenue quickly. Of course, traffic statistics, CTRs and other marketing metrics are important, but they mean nothing if you’re not getting the conversions at the end of that process. CRO (conversion rate optimisation) is one of the most effective hotel marketing solutions out there. If your RevPar isn’t where you’d like it to be and conversions are in need of a boost, try these strategies to cement those vital confirmation.


Make sure your CTA buttons are optimised
Your call-to-action buttons will be integral in boosting your conversion rate – and the slightest amendment to these buttons could make a world of difference. From choosing the right colour to making sure the button is positioned correctly, these tweaks can have a huge effect on your conversion rate. You should also consider playing around with the size of the buttons – reports show larger buttons are more likely to be clicked, and could increase conversions rates by between 10%-25%!

Test, test, test
Testing is one of the very best methods of increasing your hotel website conversion rates. By creating two different landing page designs and seeing which one works best, you’re learning more about how your visitors interact with their site, and what makes them more likely to engage. There are plenty of landing page testing tools out there you can choose from, including:

•  Optimizely – packed with features and great for experimentation across your website.
  Convert – you’re in good company when you use this enterprise testing tool; it’s used by the likes of Sony.
  The Five Second Test – this unique website allows you to upload your design, which it then shows to other users for five seconds only. They’re then asked what they remember about the page, so you can work on making the right elements more memorable.

The most popular type of testing is A/B testing, but that’s far from the only test you can use. Here are some other effective testing methods:

  Multivariate testing – this is a very experimental method which mixes elements like images, headlines and body copy in a variety of different ways, with technology to track how well each combination performs.
  Usability tests – it’s vital to make the process of taking action as simple as possible for users, and this type of test focuses on that vital usability. This method helps to ensure your landing pages are straightforward, concise and easy to use.
  Template variations – clean up your layout to make it less noisy and cluttered with template variation testing – use Google’s Website Optimizer for best results.

Don’t stop improving
If you’ve made a few successful tweaks and seen your hotel website conversion rate increase, you might think that your job is done, and be tempted to stop optimising. The reality is that conversion rate optimisation should always be an ongoing activity – you can take a break for a few weeks, but it pays to keep returning to those pages and seeing what could be made even better.

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