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Content Marketing Killers That Send Your Clients Elsewhere

Content marketing is everywhere in 2017. That’s not surprising when you consider that content is a key factor when it comes to determining the success of digital marketing for hotels.

But how do you make sure your content is in the best shape possible for connecting with your audience? Read on to find out some of the biggest content marketing killers sure to send your clients running for the hills…

digital marketing

1. Focusing on the big sell
The aim of content marketing is to draw your prospect in – not to beat them over the head with your sales pitch. The ‘softly softly’ approach works far better than simply listing the benefits of your company in big, bold text. Instead of going in for the kill, position yourself as the expert in your field by creating useful (and shareable) content. This could be a city guide, an introduction to the local wildlife, a nightlife guide, a restaurant review or even a listicle of recommended excursions. If you’re focusing on selling rather than entertaining informing or educating, you’re committing what is perhaps the biggest content marketing killer around.

2. Creating sub-par content
All content is not created equal. Focusing too much on ensuring you incorporate a long series of SEO keywords at the expense of great writing will get you nowhere in 2017. Crafting engaging, intuitive content is not a quick fix, but it can yield superb results with a little patience and attention to detail. If your content isn’t quite hitting the mark, it’s well worth adopting a quality not quantity mentality to ensure your copywriters have ample time to research, craft and proofread really compelling, editorial quality pieces.

3. Content overload
When creating a piece of content, consider the attention span of your readership. Writing the ‘100 Top Tips for…’ might seem tempting, and it can be alluring to show off just how much you know about your subject. But instead of sharing everything at once, consider breaking it down into bite size, digestible slices – anchored by a solid call to action. This gives you material for a number of content pieces, lots of repurposing opportunities and several chances to grow your revenue.

4. Incorrect (or non-existent) targeting
Is your content suited to your audience? Lots of people assume that if they’re producing content, they’re producing results – but if the right people don’t care about that content, you’re just wasting time and resources. Buyer personas can work wonders here, but ensure they’re not purely hypothetical and are instead grounded by solid market research to yield the best results. Your guests will probably comprise of different nationalities and ages, be both male and female and include a mix of business and lesiure travellers. They will have different interests, motivators and pain points and all of that needs to be reflected in the content you publish if you want to see your content marketing really succeed.

5. Not promoting your content
What use is great content if nobody sees it? Prioritise sharing your content through your social channels. There is an element of trial and error here – with some clever measuring of your digital channels, you’ll soon see what time of day your target tends to connect with your content, and what content they prefer – and that way you can continuously refine and improve your activities. Don’t be afraid to share in other ways too, from boosted social media posts to email marketing inclusions.

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