Digital Marketing

What Consumer Digital Behaviours Do You Need To Know To Improve Online Performance?

We live in an age where consumers expect more from marketers than ever before. With increasingly rich experiences for consumers on every platform and channel, it’s never been more important to offer something compelling and unique – consumers expect this level of user experience as a bare minimum, and if they’re let down, they’re likely to take their custom elsewhere.

One of the best ways brands can get to grips with this new way of thinking is to put yourself in the consumer’s shoes and think about the key experiences you might want in their position. Here are some of the digital consumer behaviour patterns and expectations that you need to know in order to improve your online marketing performance.


Just fifteen years ago, the thought of paying for a coffee with our mobile devices, booking a taxi with a simple tap or ordering our groceries using voice commands was unheard of. Now, these things are the norm, and this culture of being able to do everything instantly has made consumers impatient. 53% of people will abandon a mobile site entirely if it takes more than three seconds to load, and that’s before you even get to the abandonment rate for shopping carts that have issues with speed.

Speed is of the essence in the world of marketing. Everything about your hotel marketing solutions must be fast and frictionless to keep the new generation of mobile users satisfied.



Consumers don’t like to feel faceless or generic when interacting with brands – they want to feel targeted and valued. With so much data out there to be collected and analysed, there’s no excuse for brands not to be using personalisation as key feature of their strategy.

89% of marketers in the US said that, anecdotally, personalisation has resulted in an increase in revenue for their brand. 63% of consumers also say that they now expect brands to use data like their purchase history in order to create personalised experiences. There’s no getting away from the fact that businesses that understand how to leverage data to provide this level of personalisation are standing head and shoulders above the rest of the crowd.

Consistent high standards

The savvy consumers of today expect high standards across every platform, whether they’re using your hotel’s booking app, visiting your website, calling your customer support team or checking out your Facebook page. More than 6 in 10 people expect brands to deliver consistent experiences with every single interaction – but just over 4 in 10 think brands are actually providing this consistency.

Is there a weak link in your chain? If so, it could be putting off potential customers or contributing to existing customers flocking to a rival. The links between your different platforms and channels should be absolutely seamless, with each asset (app, social media channel, website, mailing list, etc) providing value of its own.

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