Digital Marketing

Come Together: What Integrating Your Digital Marketing can Do for Your Hotel

Keyword-rich content for SEO. Social media posts. App alerts. And good old email ads. Digital marketing’s everyday nowadays, isn’t it? We simply can’t escape. But there’s a very good reason why; it’s so effective for businesses of all shapes, sizes and sorts – especially hotels. When it’s done right, that is. And when it is done right it’s integrated. How and why? Read on…
Working together – not in silos
Blending all these digital marketing activities together into one, single strategy and system is highly advisable, to say the least. This is because the digital marketing methods combine to complement each other instead of trying to achieve their individual aims in an uncoordinated manner.

Take social media marketing as an example. On its own, advertising via social media doesn’t deliver terribly great ROI, but when it’s combined as part of an integrated strategy it plays a hugely significant role as a listening device for the other online marketing practices at a hotel’s disposal (website content and SEO and email ads, among them), helping to build up a following for the hotel’s brand and inevitably aiding lead generation, sales and delivering feedback on visitor experience and expectations.

Digital Marketing
Content is king
Often at the heart of a hotel’s integrated digital marketing strategy, content is all about building trust in a hotel as a brand, underlining the hotelier’s authority in the industry themselves through high-quality, insightful, unique and compelling writing. Having said that, that’s only on the surface. What makes content so valuable a part of the hotel digital marketing mix is its power in search engine optimisation (SEO).
So it all comes together – how?
What happens then is that when new, high-quality and unique content is published on a hotel’s site (usually on the site’s blog), subscribers to the site via email, its app and its social media accounts (e.g. on Facebook and Twitter) will be notified. This will enable followers/ users/ potential visitors/ post-visitors to share links of and multimedia related to the content, publicising the content and making others aware of not just the content but the hotel’s brand without the business itself having to repeatedly market the content.

Added into the mix too, of course, is the SEO the content achieves, which is facilitated by it being rich in keywords which show up search engines, ensuring it ranks highly on pages like Google search, drawing more and more potential visitors to the hotel’s site. As you can see then, when digital marketing is integrated in this way, it’s simply a win-win for a hotel!