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Cloud-Based PMS Is A Must for Hotels

Any hotel owners using the outdated method of Excel to manage the day to day operations of their hotel business perhaps need to rethink their strategy! With cloud computing and cloud-based PMS the in-thing, using outdated methods can have a negative impact on the business. Just some of the risk factors involved include data hacking, losing data and time wasted etc. For any hotel business, it is high time to move to software that is cloud-based.

Some of the reasons to switch to cloud-based booking engine software from Excel are as follows:

Business Volume:

The business volume of your hotel plays a critical role in deciding if Excel or cloud-based booking is best for the property. For hotels that only have limited rooms and facilities and offer nothing more than an overnight stay, the business can be managed by Excel. Any other type of hotel like a boutique property, an independent hotel etc. having automated software is the best solution.

The POSs (Point of Sales):

The POSs

If you have multiple POSs at your hotel or added revenue sources, not related to rooms having an automated property management system in place is a necessity. This is because numerous interactions occur between the front desk and the POSs. Not having a PMS makes it a challenge to keep track of every single transaction made by guests. The PMS ensures everything is tracked as it links the front desk and every single POS. So whether the client uses the bar and pays for drinks or uses the spa facility and makes a payment, everything will be tracked and recorded. A cloud PMS helps to track multiple transactions by guests.

Cater To a Niche Market:

Cater To a Niche Market

Any business these days need to be clear about its niche audience, especially, in the hospitality industry which caters to a wide variety of travellers. These range from business travellers to backpackers. Subject to your niche market, your marketing campaign will need to focus on this target audience. Therefore having a niche market in this digital age is a must! Waiting with the hope that guests will select your hotel over competitor properties will be wishful thinking. Hoteliers need to be proactive and make the most of social media platforms. Whether it is Facebook or Instagram you have to connect and interact with them. Whether your hotel receives rave reviews or negative feedback, they have to be acknowledged and a response generated. All of this is only possible through PMS and not Excel.

Relying on OTAs:

online travel concept

If you want to stay competitive and in business for a long time, you need to ditch the traditional and opt for the latest technological advancements. In the hotel business, all hotels have to depend on OTAs, which are the backbone of the business. Yes, paying them fat commissions is not attractive but finding guests on your own in this competitive industry is not an easy task. If you are linked with OTAs, Excel just cannot manage the business. The booking system must be hooked up and available to all affiliate partners and OTAs in real-time. Every single booking made should generate an alert in real-time. Having cloud-based software is the only way to manage all of this, which if done manually would be a mess!