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Are Chatbots The Next Big Thing For The Hotel Industry?

Chatbots are changing the way hoteliers – and many brands in other verticals – do business, communicate with clients and manage workloads internally. Some industry experts have predicted that chatbots will surpass apps in popularity in the not too distant future. This is a bold claim when Yahoo! Data shows that 90% of time consumers spend looking at their mobile screen is dedicated to app usage rather than surfing the net.

As a marketer, this is a trend that could shape how the hospitality industry develops, meaning you’ll want to know as much as you can about this disruptive new technology. So, how and why are chatbots growing in popularity? Read on for a quick guide to this latest development in the hospitality industry, and what it could mean for your hotel.

What are Chatbots?
Put simply, chatbots are a form of artificial intelligence used to power a chat interface. Their purpose ranges from the purely functional to the fun and wacky – and they can be used for any chat-facilitating platform.

Chatbots are used in all kinds of industries to help field customer enquiries and offer assistance without the need to employ staff for the same function, yet mirroring the customer-employee interaction you would expect from a more traditional chat functionality. There are many advantages to choosing chatbots services, particularly for hoteliers seeking to add a 24/7 contact option yet lack the desire or resources to ensure 24/7 support staff are online. That chatbot simply and efficiently fulfils this role, pre-programmed with standardised answers or in the case of more advanced chatbot technology, capable of AI-inspired reasoning to help find a solution to common customer queries.

Who Uses Chatbots?
In short, everyone can use chatbots. There are few industries, if any, which would not benefit from adding a chatbot function. Whether checking the weather, ordering groceries or managing personal finances, chatbot technology can help.

How Do Chatbots Work?
Chatbots function using either rules or machine learning. The rule-based model is far more limited than its AI-based counterpart, but it is as clever as you program it to be, meaning it will fulfil basic functions as required. An artificial intelligence-inspired chatbot meanwhile develops its knowledge through conversations with users, creating opportunities for truly meaningful dialogues with potential hotel guests. Contact a hotel marketing company to find out more about this clever tech.

Chatbots for the Hotel Industry
Whilst chatbots are usable and desirable across a wide range of services and industries, they have particular pertinence for the hotel and hospitality trade. More people than ever before are using text-based services to send customer enquiries, meaning the days when a phone line was a standard requirement for hoteliers are long gone, replaced with clever messenger apps which help build the online side of your business. Chatbots are therefore a fantastic opportunity for customers who want to dive into the world of emerging tech to provide a service customers truly want – text-based, functional and efficient, speedy responses to their hotel queries.