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Chatbots Are Indispensable to A Hotel Business

There is currently a buzz in the customer service industry and related markets about the use of chatbots. And the hospitality industry is no exception in utilising this new technology to improve revenue!

Chatbots can considerably increase the quality of customer service – while relieving strain on hotel staff to be at the beckon call of guests staying at the hotel. The biggest benefit of having this technology is they offer 24/7 communication, make recommendations, offer products or services, answer FAQs etc. The Use of AI-driven chatbots offers instant solutions on most occasions for guests.

Additionally, customer or guest satisfaction is greatly enhanced using chatbots for a hotel. The benefits do not end there, as it can also have a positive impact on hotel revenues.

Some of the other benefits of having chatbots as part of revenue management software are:

They Save Man Hours:

Save Man Hours

The great thing about chatbots is that they can be considered to be virtual employees, with a dedicated task and can work 24/7, 365 days of the year. They do not need breaks, holidays, leave etc. Having a chatbot to manage social media links means there is no need to have any staff to carry out the task. It will slash the time spent on answering emails and phone calls.  Opting for automation of e.g FAQs can save considerable sums of money spent on staff salaries.

Great for Marketing and Sales:

Chatbots do not just answer sales queries; they have the ability to operate in a far more sophisticated manner. They skilfully wheedle out information from seemingly genuine requests, which offers an insight into the preferences and likes of the individual they chat to. After a brief conversation, they are in a position to make suggestions, offer packages, upgrades etc. They are excellent in upselling thanks to the smart and constantly evolving algorithms in play. After the initial cost of installation, chatbots can become a new and exciting additional source of regular revenue.

They Help to Improve the Business Model:

Once the chatbot has numerous conversations with diverse customers, this data can be used to improve the business. E.g. if guests frequently enquire about the best places to have brunch nearby, it indicates they do not fancy eating at your establishment. This makes it possible to analyse and see if the prices or menu is dissuading them. There could be several areas you can analyse and improve on to improve customer satisfaction to increase revenue generation.

Could Increase Customer Reviews:

Customer Reviews

It is an established fact that the more reviews a hotel has, the better it is for building brand reputation and recognition.  This also leads to great online visibility, making it much more appealing to prospective customers to make bookings. Reviews are the testimonial of the hotel’s facilities, customer service and are what can make or break a brand. Chatbots through their interactions can identify the customers that are probable to leave reviews. They are a great way to motivate guests to leave reviews during and even after their stay at the property. Since reviews are what influence other prospective guests this will have a positive impact on the hotel’s profits.