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Celebrate on Social Media: 4 Ways to Promote Official Holidays at Your Hotel

While many of the holidays that occur throughout the year are often traditionally a time for people to spend quality time with their families, there are also a huge number of folks who see them as an excuse to get away for a short-break, unwind and see somewhere new. In which case, if Christmas, Valentine’s Day, the Chinese New Year, Easter, Hallowe’en or any other religious or secular holiday is on the near horizon, it presents a fantastic opportunity to publicise your hotel – especially on social media. Why? Well, not only can you show your property’s open for business for specific holidays, but you can also engage and grow the following of your accounts and build strong brand awareness. Here’s how to go about it…

Social Media

Add themed profile pics and covers
Why’s this a good starting point? Because the profile picture and its cover photo are the first things your followers will spot on your social media account. Adding an image that’s related to an imminent holiday will immediately inform potential guests that your property’s ready to embrace the occasion and welcome those wishing to stay with you to specifically mark it. There are different web and app-based editing tools out there you can use to apply holiday-themed overlays and text to your profile and cover images; they’re very easy to track down via a quick online search.

Run holiday-themed advertising
So, is your property running any deals for the Chinese New Year? Or planning any bargains for Easter? Or looking to hold any special offers for Hallowe’en? If so, be sure, when it’s most expedient to do so, to advertise them via social media. An ad on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram can be specifically targeted not just to an already engaged audience but also by date. In short, smartly planned social media ads are quick, simple and easy to execute so an all-round win-win.

 Hold a holiday-specific promotion
There are few things more popular with consumers than a business holding a giveaway – people love to get things for free, after all. As far as hotel social media marketing concerned, promotions are a fantastic way to engage your followers and create new ones, driving up organic growth, as well as providing a tipping point to get them to visit your hotel. The clever thing with giveaways is they’re eminently shareable – social media users will share them with friends, family and people they know online by the barrel load. And they’re easy as pie to run as well; merely identify something your users/ potential visitors would like that’s relevant to an imminent holiday, ensure the promotion’s easy to enter and share and explain on your site exactly how to enter and display the T’s &C’s – oh, and don’t forget to congratulate (and contact) the winner!

What’s going on in and outside your hotel?
Finally, whatever the upcoming holiday, you want to demonstrate to your followers your hotel is embracing the festivities and ready to celebrate – not only is this inviting for travellers weighing up whether to stay at your property for the occasion, but it also displays to all and sundry’s your hotel’s full of personality. So then, this means getting out a smart phone or high-quality camera and snapping shots of the hotel’s decorations (say, for Hallowe’en, the Chinese New Year, Christmas or any other religious holiday) and upload them, of course. Imagery is a highly prized currency on social media – posts containing eye-catching pics or video tend to be far more popular than those featuring text alone.

And don’t forget your hotel’s surrounding area – what’s going on in your vicinity? For instance, what are the festive street decorations like? How are the local shops and restaurants revving up for the holiday? A hotel that’s engaged with its local community will be even more appealing for followers – and potential visitors!