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How Can You Use Your Booking Engine To Create A Smoother Experience For Repeat Guests?

It can be tempting to invest a lot of time and money in gaining new customers, but these efforts can sometimes shift focus away from those who offer you repeat custom. The needs of repeat guests are a little different from the needs of first-time visitors, so making sure repeat customers have a smooth booking experience is a top priority when designing a booking engine for hotels. But what can you to do make the process of booking with you again even better?

Booking Engine

Reward Repeat Custom
Rewarding customer loyalty with unique promotions helps to increase bookings and make your repeat visitors feel their custom is valued. Giving your booking engine the ability to accept programmed voucher codes will give you an almost limitless number of options from which to create and run sales promotions, and can have a positive effect on both your bookings and your levels of customer satisfaction. By rewarding customers and providing them with added value, you will keep yourself top of mind for subsequent bookings.

Provide a Feedback Function
Letting repeat customers input feedback or particular requirements they may have for subsequent visits is a great way of showing their custom is important to your establishment. This could include anything from enabling them to reserve a particular room they liked, to a specific table in your on-site restaurant, to stating their preferences over how their breakfast is cooked. These features add the personal touch to what could otherwise be an overly automated process, which can be off-putting for repeat visitors.

Stay In Touch
The process of acquiring and maintaining repeat custom does not begin and end with their experience of actively staying at a hotel. The information you receive from bookings offers a vast array of options for keeping in touch with your loyal customers (or those you think may become loyal customers). One of the most effective of these methods is incorporating the option of an opt-in newsletter or follow-up e-mails to your booking engine. This way you can keep your repeat customers up to date with the latest goings-on; let them know about promotions, or about any vital information which may apply to their current or future bookings. A combination of a solid e-mail strategy as part of your booking engine design and an active social media presence will go a long way towards keeping repeat guests involved and engaged.

Exceed Expectations
Repeat customers have already stayed with you, but that doesn’t mean they won’t expect anything to change when it comes to new ways of booking – so don’t be afraid to upgrade your system if it makes for a smoother transaction overall. Continually exceeding customer expectations from start to finish will help to enhance their experience with your hotel. By taking note of some small key considerations for customers when making a booking, repeat customers will begin their next stay on a positive note.

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