Digital Marketing

How Can You Generate More Digital Media Coverage For Your Boutique Hotel?

When it comes to managing the owned, earned and paid media mix, there is one channel that is guaranteed to frustrate more than any other – that of earned media. This part of the digital marketing equation typically refers to media coverage that is generated for your hotel; whether that takes the form of a review or news feature in a newspaper or magazine or an article by a respected blogger. It’s the most frustrating because unlike paid search or your own website, it’s out of your hands and, with millions of other brands all competing for the same few column inches, it can feel like a constant uphill struggle.

Getting your boutique hotel into the hearts and minds of your target hotel guest takes time and effort, but it’s important that your efforts are consistent. Don’t fall into the trap of losing heart – magazines work three months in advance for example so efforts invested now in digital services and digital marketing solutions may not even pay off until 12 months down the line.

Generating more digital media coverage requires a well thought out digital strategy which takes advantage of every opportunity to garner more positive coverage. Here are a few top tips for devising a digital media coverage strategy of your own, even if resources are limited…

Select Target Media Carefully
Having some idea of where you would like your hotel to be publicized provides the first step towards making more media coverage a reality. Research and choose your target media outlets with care. Identifying where your ideal hotel guest is browsing and which media they traditionally use helps you to reach them in an arena which facilitates and encourages their interactions. Make a short list of target publications, covering blogs, ezines, newspapers and magazines.

Write and Distribute Press Releases
A well-written press release is still one of the best go-to strategies used by hotel marketers to generate coverage so make sure they factor in your chosen digital marketing solutions. PRs can be incredibly effective as long as they are written with the end-journalist in mind, which means taking a news rather than sales angle. Remember that many newsrooms will simply put a spin on the information within the press release and regurgitate it for the benefit of their particular audience – so including a clear ‘narrative’ and a few hooks to generate interest will prevent your news being ignored.

Partner with Social Influencers
Social influencers within the travel segment provide opportunities for hotel marketers to generate some buzz using one of the latest developments in digital marketing; influencer marketing. You don’t have to do as some luxury hotels have done and present your social influencers with excessively lavish freebies or getaways, but partnering with an influencer who understands and appeals to your target hotel guest could provide ample digital media coverage.

Invest in Digital and Social
Hotel brands are starting to understand the realities of trying to stay top of mind amongst their target hotel guests, particularly as this sector becomes ever more competitive and moves, as with so many other industries, evermore into the digital world. By investing in a clever digital marketing and social strategy, you can stay ahead of the competition.