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Businesses Can Improve Customer Engagement With Search on Pinterest

The huge social media and picture sharing platform, Pinterest has now opened its digital doors even wider to the world of online business. The company has recently announced the addition of several new search tools to Pinterest Ads Manager that will allow companies to target their adverts more accurately than ever before.

The new features utilise more accurate search criteria thanks to the introduction of keywords and have already shown very positive results. The changes are part of a host of upgrades that Pinterest has made to its business services over the course of the last 12 months – other updates for advertisers rolled out recently include the introduction of Pinterest Marketing Partners, auto-play for video ads and reader check offs for pins.

Pinterest is one of the most visited content and image sharing websites in the world with over 2 billion active searches taking place every day according to the platform’s figures. This huge consumer base offers a lot of potential to new and established businesses looking to expand and increase their online traffic. The aim of the new search tools is to utilise the vast number of unbranded daily searches taking place through the use of an automated search function that works based on specific company keyword strategies.


With such a large pool of consumers using the service every day to search for creative solutions and product ideas, the new development makes it easier for brands to monetize their Pinterest presence. The image sharing social network is offering companies a way to engage with potential customers at the early stages of the purchase cycle through the use of pin-point accurate search tools and tailored keyword strategies.

The new tools added to Pinterest Ads Manager offer a simplistic and effective solution for advertisers looking to launch a new targeted campaign. It will allow businesses to more accurately dictate which searches their ads appear in by using a mixture of specific keywords and broad phrases. The intention is that consumers will be presented with more relevant ads which are more likely to be clicked on, thereby increasing traffic and improving conversion figures.

The success of Pinterest’s new search tools has been seen in a number of tests by online companies. In a search-driven campaign ran by STAINMASTER Home Cleaning the company saw a huge spike in traffic from new customers with the figure rising to 90%. In addition to this, the company’s cost-per-click fell 90% lower than search campaigns carried out on similar platforms. These figures show the potential of Pinterest to improve business for online companies.

The ability to more accurately craft a search targeted campaign could help companies operating online to maximise the potential of their adverts while keeping down costs and reducing the amount of unseen ad space. By tapping into such a diverse and highly active consumer base, companies will be able to utilise Search on Pinterest and create more organic targeted ad campaigns while minimising costs.