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Building Better Landing Pages – Questions You Should Be Asking Yourself To Generate More Bookings

Better landing pages make for better rates of conversion, giving hoteliers a gratifying method of generating more revenue for their establishments. Yet designing a great landing page can seem a complex task, and often requires asking yourself some important questions to make sure you get the best out of your hotel’s digital capabilities. If your direct bookings aren’t what you would like them to be and bounce rates are much higher than you’d prefer, it could well be time to revisit your landing page design and structure. Ask yourself these questions to build a better page and generate more room reservations.

What’s the function of a hotel landing page?
Whilst scoring more bookings is your ultimate goal as a hotelier, your strategy must be comprised of many different methods of reaching this profitable end. This involves driving qualified traffic to your website and then providing them with enough information and content to make that all important booking. Pages with the sole focus of driving up your direct bookings are referred to as landing pages. They are built with the aim of capturing customer information, and their simple, straightforward function makes them incredibly effective. Whilst your entire website might be built for any of your hotel guests, landing pages benefit from a narrower focus within your hotel responsive web design. When created in the right way, landing pages can drive up direct bookings by providing:

  • Targeted leads with a vested interest in your hotel – they’ve already willingly provided contact details.
  • Handy customer insight – whether via their enquiry, booking information or contact info.

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Creating Great Landing Pages
Whether seeking to create a landing page for the first time or renewing your existing strategy, you need to ask yourself about the following key elements: 

  • Does your headline appeal to your buyer personas?
Writing a great headline is about more than just enticing copy or grandiose offers – it’s about crafting something which suits your target audience and meets their requirements. As a general rule, keeping headlines short and conversational is a good strategy, whether using a testimonial, cliffhanger or outright buyer proposition or benefit to draw in hotel guests.

  • Does your call to action (CTA) stand out?
Your call to action button should stand out and be immediately visible, prompting your customers to action. This is quite achievable simply by centralising it on the page, adjusting the size or colour of the button or altering the CTA copy to something more appealing.

  • Is your landing page copy benefit-driven?
It’s important to convey to your visitors precisely *why* they should follow through with the action they are being prompted to by your hotel landing page. Consider your visitors needs and how you can best meet them through your web design for hotels as a guide to creating the best possible landing page for your establishment.