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How Are Other Brands Faring In Content Marketing This Year?

We’ve all heard the saying – content is king. This is perhaps more true in the hospitality industry than any other sector, where inspirational imagery and aspirational room and resort descriptions are key factors in securing reservations. However, research shows that not everyone gets it right when it comes to content market – the 2017 Meaningful Brands survey found that while 84% of consumers expect brands to produce content, more than half think that the resulting content fails to hit the mark.
With stats like these, it can be helpful to know how other brands are faring when it comes to content marketing. The Content Marketing Institute 2017 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America report makes interesting reading for this very reason. It is packed with insights which can help make your digital marketing for hotels more effective and highlights exactly what you should be looking for when it comes to procuring content marketing services for your B&B, boutique hotel or hotel brand.
1. Content marketing is alive and well
A key message from the report is that content marketing is alive and well and brand marketers are feeling optimistic about their efforts. The numbers show 62% of marketers feel their organisation is faring much more or somewhat more successful with content marketing this year, compared to last.
2. Most content marketing is in the adolescent phase
When asked to rate the maturity of their content marketing, 35% said they were in the adolescent phase, with a business plan for marketing I place and some early success on the board. Just 6% said their content marketing was at a sophisticated stage. This is great news for digital marketing for hotels as it suggests your rivals will be in the early stages of content marketing – giving your hotel the chance to make its mark if it acts quickly and employs the right content marketing services.
3. Commitment and success is high
63% of marketers said they are extremely or very committed to content marketing. 22% are very or extremely successful with that approach, and 62% are much more of somewhat more successful than they were last year. However, despite this 55% would characterize their company’s overall approach to content marketing as just moderately successful, with only 19% classing their overall approach as very successful.
4. Factors contributing to increased success
With the majority of marketers feeling that they were enjoying more success as a result of their content marketing services this year, a number of factors were given as precursor to this leap forward.
85% of marketers said that they were more successful this year because of their content creation process – leading to more efficient workflows and more quality content. 72% said developing or adjusting their content strategy had made the difference, while 53% said making content marketing a higher priority meant they were more successful. Half of marketers said that their content marketing efforts were more successful due to better content distribution.
Significantly, those who said their content marketing wasn’t more successful this year than last overwhelmingly attributed their stagnation to not having enough time dedicated to it.
Final words
88% of marketers agreed that content marketing was an important part of their organisation’s overall marketing strategy, with 78% saying they were focused on providing an exceptional user experience through their content.