Digital Marketing


The travel industry has long since realised the possibilities of content marketing to help increase bookings, engage with customers and grow trust amongst potential hotel guests. But how do you create the ideal travel blog post, sure to draw in an enthusiastic readership and ultimately, move your reader further along the sales funnel and ever closer to making a confirmed reservation?

Start With a Catchy Title
The title of your blog post is one of the most important elements of the whole piece of content. Much like the headline in a newspaper or magazine, it provides a quick way to tell your readers what they can expect from the blog post as a whole. Stay on-topic and ensure reference to your hotel or the local area as appropriate to help ensure your content is seen by the right audience. Include keywords to help with search visibility and discovery and be sure not to get too wordy!

Respond to Travel Industry Demand
Have your customers provided any feedback as to the sort of content they want from your travel blog? Maybe you’ve read a really great article about a new trend in the hospitality industry, and you want to provide your own take on it. Responding to demand and new emerging trends within the hotel trade will help enhance all your efforts and provide you with a steady stream of new topics to draw in an eager readership.

Take Charge of the Blog Length
While the jury is still out on the ideal length of the perfect travel blog, it is generally accepted as somewhere between 350-1000 words. At this length, you’ll have time to discuss the topic you’re writing about and draw some valid conclusions or offer important advice, without rambling too much about non-essentials.

Be Specific
Staying specific when writing a travel blog post is key to achieving success, as the last thing you want to do is create content which is too generic for your audience. Visitors to your blog know what they are looking for, and it is your task to provide this for them.

Include Links
Add a couple of outbound links to content applicable to your post, ensuring you are promoting other great content on the web whilst simultaneously boosting the credibility of your own travel blog.

Prepare for Scanning
Break up your text with subtitles to ensure readers can scan through the content with ease. Huge blocks of text can be a little hard-going! A great hotel marketing company will have the knowledge and experience to teach you more about how to make the best of your content curation strategies.

Close with a Killer CTA
A superior call to action will help prompt your readers to take the all-important next step, be that connecting on social media, joining your mailing list or making a hotel booking. Don’t be afraid to try out a few different ‘types’ of call to action to see what works for you.