Digital Marketing

7 Clever Ways To Gain More Online Exposure For Your Hotel – Without Spending More

Increasing your hotel’s online exposure without also increasing your marketing spend is one of the biggest challenges facing modern hoteliers, but there are solutions available when you have ingenuity and knowledge on your side!  Here are seven of the best ways to achieve maximum online exposure for your hotel and its booking engine with zero additional expenditure required…

1. Communicate Directly with Current and Future Guests on Social Media
Hoteliers are starting to see the advantages of a clever social media marketing strategy, and one of the key ways of getting the best from your social activities is to remember how important the personal touch is to many hotel guests. Beginning this process early – with approachable responses to customer queries – is a fantastic method for drumming up positive online exposure. This works well for connecting with previous guests to ensure future bookings and winning over travellers who are still shopping around for a suitable hotel room before making a final reservation.


2. Harness the Power of Trip Advisor and Other Travel Review Sites
Trip Advisor is the largest portal of web-based reviews of hotels and hospitality venues worldwide, giving you plenty of scope to maximise your online exposure through the clever use of this platform. Registering with the site’s management centre gives you access to a wealth of free tools designed to help build your Trip Advisor presence and boost your visitor rating.  Guest reviews are just as powerful as personal recommendations when it comes to winning over bookings from new customers. Managing reviews with acknowledgements of comments might require a little extra time but doesn’t require any extra spend and could result in a revenue boost.

3. Prime Your Hotel Website for SEO
Ensuring your hotel site is fully SEO-optimised is a textbook way of ensuring you generate the highest levels of online traffic possible. This is important for making your hotel booking engine as visible to potential guests as possible. Use both onpage and offpage SEO tactics such as new content creation and link building, while performing regular content and technical audits to ensure your site remains compliant with search engine algorithms.

4. Update Your Hotel Blog
Continually keeping your hotel blog well-maintained and chock-full of interesting content tailored to your particular hospitality niche is one of the best ways of ensuring you maximise your online exposure without increasing your spend.

5. Ensure Cohesive Branding
Consistency is key when marketing your hotel online, allowing potential customers to easily identify your company and make a booking. Ensure your online branding matches your offline marketing activities and if in doubt as to how to achieve this goal, get in touch with a company offering hotel marketing solutions.

6. Show Your Hotel’s Best Side with Instagram
Distributing shareable images of your hotel on a platform like Instagram will encourage engagement and boost your online profile.

7. Distribute a Press Release About an Upcoming Event
Press releases are a great – and free – way of distributing information about your hotel. Got an upcoming event? Promote it by putting together a quick PR which also highlights some of the key benefits of your establishment. Websites like PRLog distribute your press release freely to a database of thousands of journalists, and increasing your media presence in ways like this can help generate positive online press and attract more hotel guests.