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6 ways to turn your guests into brand advocates

If your hotel isn’t doing everything it can to provide a quality customer experience and maximise positive feedback, you may be capping potential conversion figures. Consumers can be broadly split into two groups: promoters and detractors. The former is a customer who would recommend your hotel to others and the latter would not. You should aim to turn as many customers as possible into promotors and these tips will help you do just that.

Easy booking process

Before you can impress guests with outstanding service, you must entice potential customers into booking a room. The booking process and how easy it is to complete can have a big impact on conversion figures. In fact, research has shown that consumers looking to book a hotel will gravitate towards platforms that require the least amount of steps.

Professional website

Having a practical and professional website is a vital part of online marketing for hotels. Browsers must be able to navigate your website easily if you hope to create a smooth customer experience and generate positive feedback. The speed at which your pages load and the number of clicks needed to complete the booking process should also be kept to a minimum.

Great customer service

Good first impressions are vital to creating a comfortable and positive experience for customers. If a guest receives poor customer service upon arrival, it will set a precedent for the rest of their stay which is often difficult to rectify. Ensure that staff have a positive and welcoming attitude.

turn guests into brand advocates

Room quality

For customers spending sums of money to stay in a hotel, the quality and cleanliness of their room can determine whether or not they become advocates for your brand. A large percentage of negative hotel reviews refer to poor hygiene standards. Avoid these by ensuring that all of your rooms are kept to a high level of cleanliness and are equipped with essential amenities.

Engage with feedback

The mission to convert more brand advocates doesn’t stop after your guests check out. Engaging with customers after they leave and responding to feedback is an important part of digital marketing for hotels. Not every online review will be a positive one but they should all be seen as opportunities to learn and improve. Focus on customers who had a negative experience and try to change their opinion or provide some kind of incentive for them to return. This will hopefully convince them to edit their review and will create a better brand image in the eyes of other reviewers and potential customers.

Added extras

Going above and beyond for your guests will make them feel valued and ensure that they have a reason to promote your brand and recommend your hotel to their friends and family. This could include things such as promotional offers for returning guests or extra amenities for special requirements. Researching competitors is a good way to identify areas where you can offer extra incentives that guests won’t find anywhere else.