Digital Marketing


Getting new customers excited about your hotel once they hit your website is a key factor in determining the success of your hotel marketing. Content is all powerful here and one of the single most powerful tools at your disposal when it comes to digital marketing for hotels. Today’s modern audiences are wise. They know how to shop around, they want to be informed and entertained and they won’t stick around for the hard sell if you’ve promised them a great piece of content but failed to deliver.

Having a strong content strategy in place can have real benefits – such as increased conversions, more links (which is better for SEO and therefore your organic Google visibility) and data-driven insight which can help refine your entire marketing activities for higher ROIs.

Digital Marketing

If your content isn’t performing quite as well as you’d like, read on to discover six easy ways you can improve your content offering for new guests.

1. Showcase Your Location
Don’t limit your content to just talking around the hotel itself. Devote some space to showcasing your location, too. Content which engages with the local area shows your potential visitors why they should stay there – and can provide opportunities for promotional partnerships with other local businesses. Why not send a member of staff off to try local excursions and have them report back with their recommendations via a vlog, a blog or an image gallery?

2. Demonstrate Your Expertise
Position yourself as a thought leader in your field. Share your knowledge and recommendations, highlight great customer reviews, awards and accolades.

3. Compile a Newsletter
Compile a newsletter to send out to visitors who opt-in. This is a great way to entice potential custom by showing what’s happening in and around your hotel and why yours is the perfect destination to see the sights. Make your newsletters personality and content driven, with creative additions such as GIFS to elevate your message above the competition.

4. Promote Your Content
Take the time to promote your latest web content through all the channels available to you. Depending on your strategy this could take many different forms, from paid social marketing to sharing within social media groups and within your own social reach, promotional platforms such as Outbrain and even reaching out to travel influencers to discuss how you can work together. Promotion helps drive visitors to your webpage and ultimately drive up sales.

5. Streamline Your Design
Pay close attention to usability at every stage of the design process. Is your design aesthetically pleasing for your chosen demographic? Is the site easy to navigate? Is it simple and straightforward to book? What does your target customer want and need? How can you give it to them? Pay close attention to the buyer’s journey and your (hopefully pre-crafted) buyer personas every step of the way. This approach will inform your content creation and make it easier to create valuable content that resonates with your intended audience.

6. Be Unique!
New guests want to see not only what you can offer them in terms of room size and check-in details, but what else you have to offer. Does your hotel boast some incredible features or have a particularly interesting history? Tell the world. This is all part of narrative-building, which will ultimately help to make your hotel distinctive and memorable for potential visitors.

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