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The 6 Laws Of Social Media Marketing For Hotels

A hotel social media marketing manager’s work is never done – it’s a complex and highly skilled job, navigating the digital marketing landscape to deliver results. But what are the six key laws every social media marketer in the hotel industry should know? Read on to find out…

Hotel Social Media

1. Know Your Audience
No matter how amazing your content is, if it’s not right for your audience, it’s no use at all. At worst, it can be actively detrimental to your brand. Hotels cater for a vast array of clientele and there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. Knowing your particular niche market (and what they want) is an essential part of successful social media management.

2. Choose Your Channels (Carefully!)
This ties in nicely with the first law of hotel social media marketing – it’s vital to know which channels to use to help reach your target audience and deliver the sort of content which works for them.   Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you must be on every social media platform out there. New channels spring up every day but spreading yourself too thin trying to keep up is a bad idea for many reasons. It weakens your activities; it’s also a waste of resources and your precious time. It’s all about finding out what works, not just what’s possible.

3. Deliver Consistent Messaging 
Once you know who you’re speaking to and through which channels – be consistent in how you speak to them. This doesn’t mean only creating one form of content (far from it). It means developing and delivering all activities in your own unique style and tone of voice, time and again. The key word here is ‘social’ media. Strike up a dialogue with your audience. It’s a brilliant way to showcase what your hotel has to offer.

4. Develop Curated Content
Developing and delivering curated content is a great way to demonstrate your thought leadership in the hotel business. Whether through the medium of (consistent!) blog posts or a weekly newsletter, this is one way to show you’re well and truly ‘in the know’ whilst also crafting something truly shareable – one of the key, overarching goals of any social media campaign.

5. Schedule Your Posts
Scheduling simplifies and streamlines social media management. Instead of floundering over what to post and when, develop a content calendar of activities and use it as your blueprint. Then schedule posts which fit in with your daily, weekly and monthly plan. Reliability of posts is as important as quality when it comes to growing your social audience.

6. Monitor Your Activities 
After all this hard work, it would be tempting to sit back and congratulate yourself on a job well done, right? Nope. It’s time to start looking deeper into what works and what doesn’t. This will help you to continuously renew and refresh your activities, resulting in a stronger social media strategy overall.

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