Booking Engine

5 Behind The Scenes Features Our Booking Engine Uses To Win More Bookings

For any marketing and advertising team in the hotel industry, how bookings are managed has always been important. With advances in digital technology over the last couple of decades, however, software solutions that help fill those rooms and keep track of customers have become ever more vital.

Your hotel booking engine marks one of the first steps on your customer’s sales journey. It’s ease of use and reliability can literally mean the difference between success and failure for your hotel. Get it right and you’ll funnel more customers to the desired end point – the successful booking of a room and revenue for your business.

At Digital Hotelier, we understand the need for a highly responsive system that meets all your requirements. To deliver that, and much more, our service has 5 key behind the scene features that will help you win more bookings.

An Easy to Use Extranet

We understand that the easier something is to use, the more likely people are to use it. That might seem a simple statement but it’s one of those things that is often more difficult to deliver than many people realise.

Our simple dashboard helps you do just that – it not only looks straightforward but allows you to get things done. The underlying design means you can quickly set rates, update when you need to, upload content and access some of the most advanced analytic reporting in the hotel booking engine arena.

Dynamic Rate Management

Offering different rates and needing to respond to local competition is a constant challenge for hotels. Whether you have simple pricing policies or complex, multi-layered ones, you’ll get all the tools you need to change rates on demand. That includes turning special offers and promotional rates on and off in the back end with rate codes, changing rates depending on length of stay or tailoring prices to room type and even the date guests check in.


Dynamic payment

Handling payments can also be a major challenge for hoteliers. The good news is that our hotel booking engine comes with dynamic payment functionality. You can manage everything from the simplest to most complex payment scenarios, as well as manage cancellation policies easily. That includes, for example, being able to apply automatic penalties if a guest cancels within a certain number of days of their booked stay.

Promotion Code Pre-Population

You can manage promotional codes quickly and accurately via our user-friendly and easily navigable dashboard. You can pre-populate promotional code fields, something that’s useful if you want to encourage certain groups or advertise a particular service or event, in minutes. Promotional codes can be set up as an intuitive feature with closed user group click-throughs direct to the booking engine itself. What this does is help you make the path to purchase virtually frictionless for the guest.

Insightful Analytics

No hotel booking engine works if it doesn’t have the right kind of analytics. As marketing professionals, you’ll have access to state of the art metrics. These will not only help you drill down into buyer behaviour but will provide the insights you need to improve the user experience and adapt marketing strategies for better performance.