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4 Great Examples Of Influencer Marketing To Inspire Your Efforts

There is no doubt about it. Influencer marketing has been one of the fastest-growing marketing methods in recent years, as brands leverage the power that the new generation of social stars wield over their fans and followers.

Consumers nowadays – especially younger people – are now more likely to buy something off the back of a recommendation from an Instagram star or Twitter personality than they are a bona fide celebrity. Influencer marketing budgets are steadily increasing as brands and businesses try to tap into this new phenomenon.

If you’re thinking of adding influencer marketing to your hotel online marketing strategy, or if you’re hoping to expand your existing influencer marketing efforts in the coming months, here are some great examples from the hotel and hospitality industry to keep you inspired.

Holiday Inn – Journey to Extraordinary

The Creekmore family became well-known online for documenting their amazing adventures across the world – as well as working through the grief of losing beloved mum and wife, Trish. Holiday Inn, the hotel chain, wanted to share real guest stories with their audience, rather than glossy influencer shots, and they enlisted the help of the Creekmore family to create their memorable film ‘Journey to Extraordinary’.

This unique influencer campaign has storytelling at its very heart, and was able to reach out to young families hoping to do more global travel with a recognisable, family-friendly brand like Holiday Inn.

Bellagio – Ultimate Vegas

At the other end of the spectrum in terms of influencer marketing is the Ultimate Vegas campaign, by the luxury Bellagio hotel. The brand invited twenty influencers from around the world for a high-end stay at the famous venue, with all influencers curating their own content that stuck with their own style and content guidelines. The hotel provided unforgettable experiences for the influencers, which they could document in any way they chose.

From luxury fashion influencers and beauty gurus to musicians, Vine stars and YouTube gamers, the hotel tried to ensure the influencers they choose would appeal to diverse demographics.


Hawaii Tourism Authority – Let Hawaii Happen

The Hawaii Tourism Authority wanted to use influencers to create a campaign that felt authentic, rather than some of the manufactured campaigns that can be found online. Their #LetHawaiiHappen campaign featured collaborations with popular Instagram influencers, showcasing stunning photos from the island and positioning Hawaii as an alluring paradise for adventure seekers.

Marriott – Snapchat Spectacles

As millennials increasingly choose services like Airbnb over conventional hotels, Marriott’s influencer marketing campaign aimed to bring young people back onside. Their Snapchat influencer campaign involved four popular influencers taking over Marriott’s Snapchat account every few weeks (using tech-savvy Snapchat spectacles, no less), sharing snippets of international trips and shots of various Marriott hotels. The campaign engaged young people with authentic travel content that doesn’t feel overly brand-oriented.

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