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4 Easy Ways Infographics Can Help Drive Hotel Bookings

It’s easy to underestimate quite how much impact visual content can have on a customer’s purchasing behaviour. We are all drawn to attractive images, and when these images are combined with useful and engaging information, this power can be enhanced significantly.

As a key part of many content marketers’ toolkit, infographics offer a number of benefits which longer form content can’t begin to match. They work across many different platforms and for many different purposes, though chief amongst them is condensing complex information into a more palatable format.

As every hotel marketing company knows, engaging and educating are the dual roles of any successful infographic – key considerations for the discerning hotelier seeking to grow reservations by telling customers more about their offering. Read on to find out how and why infographics can help you harness the power of visual content to drive more bookings to your hotel.

Digital Marketing

They make statistics exciting
Humans are visual creatures, but we’re also impressed by verifiable numbers and statistics. When they’re backed up by solid mathematics, infographics help make educational material which could otherwise be dry and dull suddenly seem far more colourful and exciting. Whether added to a webpage or a social media channel, statistics give your hotel authority – and attractive images help your market research seem much more attractive. 

They’re great for social media
Social media is a big part of every hotelier’s marketing retinue, but there is a difference between having your hotel on all the social media channels out there, and providing your fans or followers with content they want to see. As a general rule (and with some notable exceptions), social media content is best distributed in bite size chunks. This not only makes your content much more digestible, but more shareable, too – which is ideal for increasing shares, likes and comments, all metrics which ultimately will build more traffic and result in more bookings.

They can be branded for your hotel
Infographics don’t have to be anonymous when they are published on the web. You can brand them with your hotel’s logo, symbols or even a hyperlink direct to your booking engine and social profiles.  If a prospective guest’s first interaction with your brand is seeing an authoritative, interesting infographic which discusses how to solve a problem with the hospitality industry, give customers more value for money, or make hotel stays more luxurious – all of these associations will be passed on to your brand and encourage future bookings.

They tell people more about your hotel
Whether you are trying to position yourself as a thought leader within the hotel industry or simply sharing a few facts and figures about why your hotel is the best there is – every infographic you create and share tells people a little about the kind of company you are and what you have to offer.  This is one of the greatest things about infographics; they can be whatever you want them to be, explain whatever you want them to explain, and look however you want them to look.

The options are endless – allowing hoteliers and marketers the chance to get creative in producing infographics which suit a brand’s aesthetics, values and branding whilst actively enhancing perceptions of all three.