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4 Branding Trends to Try Now to Elevate Your Hotel from The Competition

Trying to make yourself stand out from the crowd in the hotel world is hard work. Every one of your competitors is trying to achieve this goal too, and as a result, it’s inevitable that the same techniques will be repeated from hotel to hotel, rendering the process less effective. The key to truly putting yourself ahead of the competition lies in how you deploy your brand and the strategy behind your brand development. Why not try out these four branding trends to separate yourself from the hotel herd and make yourself a truly original choice for travellers?

Go green

As younger generations come to the fore and with them new attitudes to the environment and pollution, you’re going to see a lot more guests considering the eco-credentials of your hotel before making a booking. Any savvy hotel marketing agency now considers being green an extremely important strategic factor.

You can incorporate being green into every fibre of your hotel, from filling your receptions and rooms with plants and greenery to encouraging guests to use separate containers for their rubbish. Many will be more than happy to take the extra time to use a different bin and respect your eco-friendly mentality of asking them to help you to save the planet. Make sure this commitment comes through in your marketing, to help set your hotel apart.


Be personal

Another key trend that is the subject of countless hours of meetings in hotel marketing agency environments is how to make hotels more personal. Who wants to feel like they’re being herded into their rooms like cattle with little or no personalisation for themselves or their family? Everything from interacting with guests on social media to asking them questions about what they’d like before they arrive can be used to create a more personal service that keeps guests coming back for more. Are your guests travelling on honeymoon? Are they a group of friends on tour for a holiday? Interacting with your guests and creating a bespoke experience for their stay is one of the hottest trends for hotel brands and something all good hoteliers should strive to do. You can incorporate this into your marketing too, with tailored content, personalized emails and considered communications at each stage of the booking process.

Have the best staff

Your staff are the human face of your brand and the people who your guests will rely upon during your stay. What better way to boost your brand than by having staff who go above and beyond what your guests expect of them? Techniques such as having staff bring personalized welcome boxes to guest’s rooms after they’ve checked in can go a long way into making your hotel brand a memorable one for your guests. Double Tree personify this with their simple but memorable gimmick of offering a warm chocolate chip cookie at check-in. Consider what else you can do to create a more thoughtful, human-led approach.

Have your restaurant reflect your brand

Perhaps a less obvious, but in no way less effective way to boost your brand is by having your menu reflect who you are as a hotel. If you’re a high-end, luxury accommodation option, then back it up with only the finest cuisine with gourmet options available. Likewise, if you’re a cheerful budget destination then have the right menu to compliment your hotel brand. Consistency is king when cementing your brand, and having a restaurant menu that contradicts your establishment can upset your guests and even result in a loss of future bookings. This same consideration should follow through with your digital marketing too.